How to Sing Good

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Questions and Answers

High School Musical singing?

Do you guys know who actually sings in High School Musical?
Example part of the question:
Does Zack Eferon(I might have spelled it wrong) sing or lip sing?

Posted by Ezzy
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Vanessa sings
Ashley sings
Corbin sings
Monique probably sings
But Zac cant sing they use someone elses voice and they mix it in with Zacs voice…….The guy who plays "Troy" in the stage version of HSM is the guy who sings for Zac=)

Oh and its Efron=)

Jonas brothers: who sings what?

In there new album who sings what parts?
Thank you(:

Posted by (:
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"World War III"
nick sings verses
joe sings chorus

nick sings verses
joe sings chorus

"Fly with Me"
nick sings the whole thing. 😛

"Poison Ivy"
Nick sings verses
Joe sings chorus

"Hey Baby"
Nick sings verses
Joe sings chorus

"What did i Do To Your Heart?"
Joe sings verses(you could hear kevin under his voice)
Nick sings chorus

"Much Better"
Joe sings verses
Nick sings chorus

"Black Keys"
Nick sings the whole thing and joe comes in at the end

"Dont Charge Me For The Crime"
It switches between joe and nick 😛

"Turn Right"
Nick sings verses
Joe sings chorus
then they take turns 🙂

"Dont Speak"
Nick verses
Joe Chorus

"Keep it Real"
nick verses
Joe chorus.

Do you sing to your dog?

What do you sing?

Posted by Uncle Dud
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I sing lots of songs, some I make up. They always sing along with me. I like to sing you are my sunshine. I also sing how much is that doggy in the window, altho I would not buy from a pet store.

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