How to Sing Good Fast

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Questions and Answers

How can I learn to sing fast ?

My band wants to do songs by escape the fate,AFI,A7X and and the used.I want to move from guitar to vocals.I just want to know if theres anyway i can learn to sing that kind of stuff and fast!

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Learning how to sing is not easy but there are many tips and techniques online which you can follow and apply. Patience and motivation is one of the most important tool for you to succeed in the field of singing.

How to sing really good fast?

I need help how to sing better then what i can now any good tips???

Posted by Yung Ace
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Becoming a good singer is not something that you can do fast. It takes years of practice for your voice to develop so if you are looking for drastic change, then you're out of luck. However, here are some tips you can work on to improve your voice. These are things you should be doing every time you sing. First, use a lot of breath support. Breath from way down in your diaphragm. If you are breathing correctly, your stomach should expand and your shoulders shouldn'tt lift at all. After you take a breath, engage you abdominal muscles when you start to sing. If you put your hand on your stomach as you sing, you should feel your muscles tighten. This will give you a much more supported sound. Another thing you can do is make sure you are raising your soft pallet as you sing. If you you are breathing through a hole in you throat, this will cause you to raise your soft pallet without even trying. You should feel the air hit the back of your throat and it will feel a little cold. This will give you space in your throat giving you a much more resonant sound as well as a richer sound. Hopefully that helped.

I need help singing fast!?

My talent show is in a month. I'm singing let it go from frozen, except two things:

1.) I'm a tad shy.
2.) I'm not all that great.

I will learn to play the keyboard but how do i do this? Remember 1 month=500 PEOPLE!

Posted by Cutie Girl 1! :3
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I hate to break it to you, but if you're bad at singing, online voice lessons won't make you a good singer by any means, especially in just one month. Professional, face-to-face lessons are the best way to go, but even that won't turn your voice into the next Demi Lovato or Idina Menzel. Developing your singing voice takes lots of time; much longer than a month.

And about shyness: I know how you feel. 🙂 I get wicked nervous every time I'm about to sing in a recital or some other performance, but once I'm on stage and singing, the nervousness melts away just enough to allow me to present myself well; maybe the same will happen to you. Try repeating an encouraging mantra for yourself; put yourself on a high horse, and tell yourself, "I'm the best here." Even if it's not true, it'll at least help with the nervousness/shyness. It always works for me.

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