How to Sing Better

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Questions and Answers

I need help to sing better…?

Ok, here's everything you'd probably need to know (yeah, i know its long but please help! :D):

I'm 12 years old and yes, a girl, and I like to sing but I'm definitely not the best singer. You're probably gonna say "get a vocal coach" or something, but I'm still thinking about that, so please help me in another way then telling me that.

I am definitely not tone deaf, I have no problem hearing a note and matching it perfectly, but all I really need help with is reaching the higher notes without having to sing airy. (in other words, a full, strong sound) I can kind of breathe from my diaphragm since I play flute in band. I tried to sing scales on piano to see how well my "vocal range" is, but it's not very good. I noticed that i can only reach lower or higher notes if i make a certain sound. Making the "ah" sound, i can probably only go as low as the G below middle C, and the A-B right above middle C. On the other hand, if i make the "ooh" sound, i can sing the F-F# below middle C up to E5 or F5 (the second E and F above middle C, sometimes even higher on a good day). But this is just singing up and down scales. When i sing a song i can still sing the lowest note i can sing, but i can barely hit the B right above the middle C. I'm sorry if i'm blabbing a lot, but i need help to improve my singing before i decide to take singing lessons, thank you! 😀

P.S. I have braces, does this affect the way i'm singing at all?

Posted by Kristen Young
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Singing scales is good to help with expanding your octaves. But, you have to be careful that you don't go too far outside your range. If you continue to do that at this early of a stage, you could damage your voice. A voice teacher can evaluate you and tell you what range your are, and what your voice type is so that you don't go too far out. What they'll look for is what high notes you can sing comfortably. It takes time to build your voice up. I started late, and it took me 13 years to get my voice where it is now. You're starting at a young age, so be careful. In the meantime just warm up your voice, and do what you can until you get a teacher. Braces shouldn't be a problem. I never had trouble with them that way. Humming, scales, and softly singing songs to warm up are good ways to get things going without any damage.

How do you sing betteR?

Like when singing do you have to like almost shout to sing? Or stuff? How do i sing better then i already do?

Posted by o(^.^)o
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Good Evening! I noticed that you have some questions about singing. Here is a method that will help increase your range, your ability to sing with style and variation, and help to sing clearly and strongly. Speech Level Singing. It works very well, and I recomend it highly. Speech level singing helps cure vocal cord paralysis, and nodgules. It also helps people without these conditions to prevent them. SLS helps people learn how to sing, and become the best that they can! A lot of famous and non famous people use this technique because with it your voice will not come out, or be damaged. It also helps you sing high and low notes with a connected voice, so it sounds pleasant to the ears. Find a Speech Level Singing teacher near you, so that you can start now! For more information, go to sources! If that doesn't work, then I guess it comes natural to a lot of people. On your vocal cords you have a skin coat layer simular to your skin. It varies on thickness, and quality. That is what makes you sound like you, and so on some people it naturally sounds better. It is highly recomended that you get a SLS teacher. Go to my first source and go to find a teacher near you. If you cant afford a teacher then, go to youtube and type in speech level singing. There is a playlist of warmups someone put on there, and just try your best! Any way, Good Luck! 🙂

How can i sing better?

I want to sing better im a 14 year old boy.what should i do.

Posted by chris
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In order to sing better, you need some instruction. Join the school chorus and listen to your director. If you have any talent for singing they will hear it and encourage you to continue. Private lessons are good but not necessary at age 14. Your voice (as a male) at 14 isn't fully developed yet anyway. But keep singing!!! All the practice you can get, sing along to records, sing sing sing!! And Good Luck!

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