How to Sing Better Instantly

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How to sing better at 13 instantly?

Hi, I'm 13 and I love singing. I sing everyday and I'm in love with Christina Aguilera and Amy Winehouse. I love there music the best and not a day passes without me listening to them. I sound really bad when I sing even though I would love to have a really powerful and strong voice. Is that possible? Do any of you have tips that are easy but I can do them to improve my singing. Recently I did a Marilyn Monroe cover of Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend. It wasn't all that bad but Iwould love to improve. I don't know how to breath from my diaphram as you would say. How can I achive that? Also how can I hit high-pitched notes too like Christina? Please thank you so much any tips or advice wil be accepted. 10 points for best help THANK YOU!

Posted by Sousen
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Well, you actually breathe from your diaphragm naturally. Lay down on your back and breathe normal, you'll feel your stomach rise. That is breathing from your diaphragm. In chorus we do breathing exercises where you make a triangle with your hands on your belly (thumb tips touching each other and pointer finger tips touching to make the point) and breathe in deep and let it out. It helps you to focus on breathing more deeply with your diaphragm. Do that three times then breathe in and sigh three times. We also do sirens.. Low to high, high to low, then low to high back to low… For high pitched notes, it's all in breathe support… You just need a good amount of air… To make yourself louder, exert your air more by using your abs like you're sucking in your stomach lol. Also, you might not get high notes because you could be an alto (altos sing lower notes… But are able to sing higher than tenners… Or something like that) If you have any more questions about this you could do like an add on or email me or somethin' >w< Hope I helped!

How to sing better?????

You know,I've been trained in singing for a while now but I want to know some good singing techniques which will improve my voice.Like which will give me that grace in my voice.Right now,I am an okay singer but I want to get really good.I will take some lessons in future but for this moment please give me some suggestions.

Posted by Catird
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You can read the tips to become a better singer,here:


How do i sing better fast and i want to act?

There is a play i want to be in and it need to have all people trying out by 3/28/09 and i want to do it but my family says i can't sing but i want to know how ot learn to sing fast and be good actor.

Posted by Volleyballhelper
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There is not way you can become a great singer instantly. It takes practice. To help your singing i suggest doing vocal warm ups every day. And after a week or two sing a song for your family and ask how you sound.
Acting… Once again. It takes practice. But to some it just comes naturally.

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