How to Sing Better for Guys

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Questions and Answers

How to sing better for a guy?

My singing is good but not great so are there any exercises to get better?

Posted by John C
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To learn how to sing better you will need:
Your voice
Music (sheet or soundtrack)
Voice coach or tape recorder
1. Warm up your voice. Take a few minutes
practicing basic scales and arpeggios. Inhale
deeply from the diaphragm and exhale as
you sing. Practice holding your breath for a
few seconds at a time to build lung strength.
This will aid in extending longer notes.
2. Use the piano or keyboard to keep your
singing on tune. Additionally, a pitch-pipe
is also useful if you are looking to practice
away from a piano. Blowing into the pitch-
pipe is a great way to see if you are still on
the same key from where you started.
3. Use the metronome and the music. To
perfect a song, keep to the beat of the music.
Nothing sound worse than someone singing
off-key and off beat! Learn where to take
breaths in the breaks of the music.
4. Listen to yourself or your voice
teacher. If you have a teacher listen to
them when they give advice. They have the
experience and can boost your talent
significantly with their know-how. Sing into
a tape recorder if no teacher is available and
play it back to yourself. Review the weak
part of the song and revise accordingly.
5. Practice repeatedly. Practice will only help
you. Sing daily and don't be afraid to try
new musical styles. The more practice you
are able to do, the stronger your voice will
become. It will also aid your ears to hear
when you are singing the right notes and in
the right key.
Singing is simple if you have the right tools.
Learning how to sing better will boost your
singing confidence and help you to sing
effectively without straining your voice.
Take proper care of your throat. Wear weather
appropriate clothing and keep good hygiene to
avoid getting sick.
If your throat hurts when you are singing,
then stop. Chances are you are either straining
your throat muscles incorrectly or could be ill.
Re-assess how you are singing and try to
correct, or get the help of a singing coach.

Good begginer songs for guys to sing?

I can sing comfertably from about an octave and a half below middle C to a little over half an octave above middle C. I'm a begginer so nothing to complicated please. I like harder music but I understand that most rock and metal songs aren't that great for learning singing just nothing to poppy please. Bonus question, what vocal range would that make me? Sorry if it's a silly question I just don't know much about singing. Thanks!

Posted by Seth
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That’s right: most rock, pop, hard rock, and metal songs aren’t suitable for learning. In fact, metal isn’t singing but guttural sounds and yells. Don’t damage your voice like that. You are a baritone. There have been very few baritone songs in the popular charts for all genres in the last fifty years because low notes aren’t easy to sing for a catchy tune.

So I have only 3 but good, specific suggestions that are easy for beginners. Don’t let your genre/style preference prejudice you or you won’t develop as a singer. You need to master these before trying others. The version of Aura Lee, arranged into "Love me tender" by Vera Matson, and as sung by Elvis Presley, suits a baritone. (Some of Elvis’ and Tom Jones’ songs suit a baritone). The old Christmas carols “We Three Kings” and “Good king Wenceslas” were also written originally in the note range you mentioned. Don’t knock them out of ignorance. Those have now become lesser known due to the popularity of tenor songs and newer pop commercial “carols”.

Those are good for baritones in their original melody. A fourth, is a contemporary song from 2011 by The Black Keys called "Lonely Boy". It will only need minor adjustment for you to sing a bit lower. That is the closest to a baritone I've heard in years. I can imagine it sung by a baritone. If you can sing in the same key just have the melody re-arranged to at least two notes lower. Otherwise, change the key and rearrange the melody to a lower octave. If your singing teacher can read music and play piano, most songs from any genre can be re-arranged to be lower to sing the melody in baritone. If it's guitar you need someone who can accurately tune all strings down one octave with the bass E3 string tuned to D3 ("drop D"). That is so you can get an idea how a melody should sound in a lower voice and get each note's sound (pitch) correct. But even then, guitar cannot go to most of your low note-range. A bass guitar is too low for your range. So a piano or 76 key keyboard is best.

You might want to search for some of Nick Cave solos or him and The Bad Seeds, Aussie late nineteen seventies to 1990s. I don't like their sound or songs but he 'sang' baritone songs.
If you find an older and knowledgeable singing teacher, s/he might know very old blues, from the 19th century to 1940s, have many songs that are suitable for baritones at the beginner and intermediate levels. Most people won’t be familiar with them so I won’t bother listing. Learn some blues at the intermediate level because some are in flat keys that are too hard for many, and some require the expression of sarcasm or hidden anger. Some male roles in musicals also have songs suitable at the beginner and intermediate levels.

But idk how good your voice is now and your potential. Also, some songs don't sound so good after it has been arranged to be sung lower. Same with some songs sung higher. The "Star Spangled Banner" was originally meant for a baritone – not the screechy terrible higher versions heard. Its melody is not well structured and well written, so it should really be for intermediate level singers to make it sound better.

This is not a silly question like too many in in Y.A.

Girls: Is it attractive if a guy can sing really good?

If a guy is a really good singer, good enough to make american idol, is that a bonus on attraction for a guy?

BONUS QUESTION: even if you dont think a guy is physically attractive would you be more attracted if he had a really good singing voice and a great personality?

Posted by
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That guy is me! Yes it helps, you need more than just a singing voice, a personality helps too. But i have impressed lots of girls by singing to them, they go weak at the knees!!!

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