How to Sing Better for Girls

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Theres this girl i know who sings through her throat (if you know what i mean) and my friends tell me the same thing…she's not so bad though, but i heard that through the throat isn't so good, singing by the belly is the proper way. She's asking me what to do, and i don't know how to get her to sing using her belly!?! HELP!!? Any advice, exercises, tips….

Posted by XxShellaxX
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Hey, Girl!

Well, what singing through your throat is is very difficutl to explain without being in person with someone to explain it. However, "belly" singing is really not a very constructive way to think about it because there is a lot more involved than just your belly. In fact, even my butt is involved and expands a little. Not too much, praise Allah 😉

In order to really learn this, you will need to see someone in person – a vocal teacher. It should be someone good. Avoid anyone advertising like "voice coach to the stars" or anything. That is a marketing trick. And don't neccessarily go to the cheapest one either. You might try a couple lessons with different people and see which one works better for you. But this is the way to get the singing out of the throat. In order to do that, it isn't just one thing. There are a lot of things that help. One is breathing as you know (and when you exhale, BTW, I would NOT think that I was "sqeezing" my stomach. I fyou concentrate on doign this it will make the voice airy and limit your voice from it's potential – your abdominal muscles will contract as you exhale if you have the right posture and stuff but it will be naturally and you won't "do" it consciously).

Other things that can contribute to singing from the thoat are excess tension in the jaw and tongue, rushing through breathing instead of being slower about it becfore you learn how to do it faster, posture (very small adjustments in ways that are not very obvious), and nervousness (which will cause ALL the things listed above, too).

If you email me with your location, I can recommend a source for you to find a good coach. DON'T use a cd class, ok? I've seena lot of people messed up by them – they are a quick and easy way for a coach to make money but they are not fair to the singers buying them.

Rate our singing? Which girl is better?

Which girl is the better singer and rate both of our singing? (1-10) thanks

Girl on left: (1-10)
girl on right : (1-10)

thanks again 🙂


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Definitely the left knows how to use her voice better than the right one. They both have potential but the left one has more (Most Asians are good at singing lol). But it's hard to rate them because i don't know each girl's vocal range.

Is me having a good singing voice a gift.And if i lose my singing voice how can i get it back?

When i was 11 i had a bad voice so i never sang but after hearing my voice was changing at 12(my voice got less deeper)i started to sing songs abd at age 14 was when i sang in front of people and said that i have a good singing voice but at 15 i started to get my voice changing and i didnt really sang anymore. Now i cant sing what can i do to help my voice be better please help i miss singing.

Posted by Erick
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It depends on why you lost your singing voice. Obviously if you actually damaged your vocal cords somehow, you may need to seek treatment from a medical specialist. However, I suspect that what you are "suffering" from is just the normal changes that come with puberty and early adolescence. Your voice isn't gone–it's just changed. And it will keep changing as you grow older as most boys' (and girls') voices do.

Meanwhile avoid straining your voice in any way. Any note you can't sing easily right now should be avoided–that goes for low notes as well as high ones. You won't sound good if you are screeching or growling in order to "sing" something. Likewise, keep in mind you are 15 and not 20, 25, or 30 or 40. So it's a really, really bad idea to try to produce the same kind of sound you might hear coming from a singer that is much older and much more experienced than you are. Imitating a singer whose voice is nothing like yours won't give you their voice–it will only ruin yours.

If you listen and enjoy pop and rock music, you should be aware that many professional singers in this field often sound great, but have very bad technique and unhealthy singing habits that eventually lead to vocal problems.


You should also keep in mind, that "powerful" rock voice is given a significant boost by a state-of-the-art microphone and speakers, plus a professional sound technician on the other end to make sure the mix is just right for the singer to be heard at his best. This is even in live performances. In the studio, even more digital technology is available (including autotune) as well as careful editing. It's no wonder young singers become so frustrated when they can't match what they hear on a record when they are singing in their bedrooms (usually half-voiced so their pesky younger siblings don't hear them and tease them).

Here are some articles (aimed more at singing teachers and choir directors), but might explain your current problems (which really is just a phase you'll outgrow if you are careful with your voice now).

Even if you think it's corny, consider joining a choir at school. You'll pick up some basics like how to breath properly, how to do warm up your voice, and even how to form consonants and vowels so they flow out easily when you sing instead of choking off the sound. If you really want to learn how to use your changing voice safely and effectively, you need to find a voice teacher. However, not all voice teacher or singing coaches have the necessary patience or qualifications to teach a person your age without causing even more problems. Sometimes these teachers become too enthusiatic about a young singer's natural talent and end up giving them repertoire that they really aren't physically mature to handle without stressing their voices.

You can ask your choir teacher, or any music staff at your school for singing teacher recommendations. Some of the staff may even offer private lessons for a reasonalbe cost (or free if it's part of the school's music curriculum).

Won't hurt to ask. Meanwhile, sing what is comfortable for you to sing, and don't stress out if your voice occasionally cracks now and then.

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