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Questions and Answers

What are the most/least emotional signs?

Your sign?

Posted by elham m
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The signs that are the most emotional are the water signs. This includes pices, cancer, and scorpio.

The signs that are least emotional are the air signs. This includes gemini, libra, and aquarius.

Out of all the signs listed above the most emotional is the pices and the least emotional is the aquarius.

However, some say the aquarius only appears unemotional and is only hiding there emotions.

Im an aquarius and it is true, i do have emotions, but i dont really show them.

Sun sign Capricorn, rising sign Scorpio?

What does it mean if your sun sign is Capricorn, rising sign Scorpio, & moon sign is Aries?

Posted by Claire
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Sun Sign (Represents the Conscious Ego/Your True Self/Your Individuality)
Sun Sign in Capricorn:

You are serious, mature, willingly responsible and dutiful.
You believe in working hard to get the things you want.
You are goal-orientated.
You are not easily distracted, when you have a mission.
You are not necessarily a fast worker, but very thorough.
You are dogmatic, persistent, tenacious and tireless in reaching your goals.
You are grounded, realistic and know how to get the job done.
You can be conservative.
You need to have a job to do as you must feel useful to be satisfied.
You like recognition for the work that you do.
You take pleasure from the simple things in life.
You admire status that possessions may bring.
You are strong, practical and steady.
You can feel lonely, because you may seem reserved and standoffish.
You are resourceful, creative and responsible.
You have a good sense of humor, can keep a straight face, and be bitingly sarcastic.
You prefer not to be too risky (but the Moon in Aries makes you more impulsive).
You are honest, dependable, loyal and give good solid advice.

Because of your Moon in Aries you probably wear your emotions on your sleeves a little more than the ‘typical’ Cappie.

Rising Sign (Exhibits a Strong Influence Over Character/Is a Secondary Influence)
Ascendent in Scorpio:

You are typically quiet, secretive and hard for others to understand.
You are emotional and intuitive, but hide your true feelings.
You have a strong desire to protect yourself from the world around you.
You use many different forms of camouflage with people you don’t know (your favorite being offensiveness and an off-putting manner).
People don’t know how to approach you.
You are stubborn and tough and fight for the things you want.
You are resourceful and formidable when you become angry or upset about things.
Easily hurt by others, you often strike back with bitter sarcasm.
You can be very jealous.
Life must be experienced intensely and totally for you.
You are courageous.
You are sensitive and curious of human emotion.
You pursue subjects you are interested in with total fanaticism.
You have presence. People know you will not tolerate being pushed around.
You can be quiet or loud, but you command respect.
You seem powerful and determined to those around you.
People either love you or hate you, but you rarely go unnoticed.
You can see right through the superficiality of people around you, which is sometimes unnerving.
You value your privacy above all else, it can be border-line paranoia.
You are sometimes a control freak.
You look for down-to-earth partners.

Moon Sign (Represents Your Unconscious/How Others See You/Represents Your Personality/Modifies Your Sun Sign but Doesn’t Dominate it)
Moon in Aries:

You are impatient when it comes to things you want most.
You live in the moment and make decisions on whims.
Instant gratification rules your universe.
You are passionate and do everything with great emotion.
You take things personally, but deal with them and get over issues effectively.
You have an independent streak and put yourself out there.
You seem confident, even when you aren’t feeling it.
You can be quite temperamental, but not broodingly so.
You get into trouble easily, sometimes you enjoy to stir things up.
You fall in love easily and quickly.
You sometimes mistake wanting for needing.
You rarely sulk, or manipulate, and you are not indecisive by any means.
You possess childlike innocence, and are very charming.

Even though your Sun Sign in Capricorn (which is much more ‘low-key’), you possess greater passion and fire. Emotional issues take precedence above your practicality.

American sign language signing order?

ASL American sign language signing order?

When I sign this:
I have 4 small cups
They have cold milk, hot chocolate, and coke in them.
I don't like cold milk but i like hot chocolate

My question : What is the signing order.

(They have cold milk, hot chocolate and coke in them.)
What order do I use when signing?

For example is it non dominant side then dominant side and then middle?
Does it matter?

Also when you sign 4 cups red do I have to sign cups 2x then red then 4. Sign "Cup" (1 time or 2 times)????

Posted by Jack
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Sign Cups, use a "c" hand shape and set out 4 "cups" in the air showing there size and quantity.
Point at the "cups" (the place the put the cups classifer in the air) that have the milk and sign cold milk, point at the number of cups that have hot chocolate, sign that and then point at the cup (or cupS) that have coke and sign that.

So you sign:
Cups, 4 C C C C, (point C C) cold milk, (point C) hot chocolate, (point C) coke
Me like (point C C –place where you set up cold milk), me not like (point C- where you set up hot chocolate) hot chocolate.

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