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MY VOICE IS HIGH PITCHED?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Ok, can anyone tell me why suddenly a voice would just randomly become high pitched when it is originally deep? BECAUSE THATS WHATS HAPPENING TO ME RIGHT NOW! And I am freaking out so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is 17 the age when your voice chaNGes?

Posted by Gron Hatchat
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Your voice usually changes at about the same time as your sexual changes, which can vary from 12 to 18. But if your voice has been "originally" which I take to assume different from your childhood voice then you have already had the voice change and the 'high pitch' voice might be a reaction to stress rather than random. However if the "originally" deep voice is the same as your childhood voice, then your voice is going through the change now where the vocal cords are thickening gradually and you get the weird random high pitch or squeak. Have faith this will pass.

How do you make your voice higher?

Obviously you can't make yourself be something you're not, but I was wondering if you could train your singing voice to reach higher pitches or is that wrong?
Thanx! 🙂

Posted by Zorelia
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Yes, you can make your singing voice higher. I was wandering how to until a couple of weeks ago when I discovered this:


It is only a vocal warm up but I find that if you do it for 20 minutes every day for two weeks you will find yourself being able to sing a lot higher than normal.

I also found that If I sang a high pitched song after the vocal exercises then it will also help to improve your singing voice.


What I like to do is raise my eyebrows and straighten up my back when singing high notes.

Try and take a breath before high notes when possible.

I like to imagine I'm floating in the air when I sing high notes (I don't know it just helps)

Hope I helped…

…. But remember, make sure you keep up the vocal exercises and singing every day!

Lots of love… Emily x

P.S :

A high pitched song that I like to (|TRY) and sing after the exercises is Castle on A Cloud from Les Miserables:



How can I make my low voice, higher?

People always tell me that my voice is so low, soft, they can't hear me, they tell me to speak up. Random people I've only talked to a little bit ask me why my voice is so quiet.

It just annoys me. It's my voice. I'm sick of being ebarssed by it, because I hate it to. I force myself to make it higher, but it sounds so un-natural and people don't get what I'm saying.

Are there any exercises I can do to make my voice higher like my friends?

Posted by nicoledelight
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I can definently relate.
For those of us who are naturally such soft spoken people, when we try to speak more loudly it can end up sounding more squeaky or even whiney in some cases.

The best advice I can give you is to practice speaking more loudly with others. Make sure to open your mouth more wider & practice enunciating the words. Whenever you speak, pay attention to how you sound & how you feel. I've found that when I speak louder while also lowering the sound of my voice, it doesn't sound so unnatural & people are better able to hear & understand me. & when I feel like I'm being loud enough for people to hear me, I'm actually not as loud as I think I am so it's almost to the point where I feel like I'm shouting that people can understand me.

You should maybe try joining some speech or debate groups/clubs or acting classes so you can practice speaking up more often. Or if you enjoy singing, join a choir or take some voice lessons & you'll learn even more about how to control your voice.

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