How to Learn How to Sing

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Can you learn to sing?

I play various musical instruments (Drum, piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, many different kinds of percussion), so obviously I'm naturally musically talented, but I can't get singing down. Is it possible for me to learn how to sing?
All of my instruments are self taught, only teachers I ever had were band directors and drumline instructors.

Posted by Avery
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Yes you can, but you can't teach yourself. I don't know if you had to have a teacher to learn how to play your instruments, but the voice is another instrument. Some people (like Rebecca) seem to be able to sing well from the very beginning and by practicing on their own, they can probably improve SOME. As another person pointed out, you still may never be as good as someone with "natural talent".

On the hand even a person with natural talent can improve with proper instruction. At the very least they might learn techniques that may prevent accidentally damaging their voices .

You on the other hand aren't TONE DEAF. You are musical–no doubt about it. But singing is very physical. You actually need someone who is a trained singing teacher to tell you EXACTLY what you need to do physically to get the sound you can hear in your head out of your mouth correctly.
It won't be an overnight fix, but being able to play instruments and having a good sense of pitch should help you tremendously.

I don't know if you read music (I hope you do) or just play everything by ear, but even if you learned entirely on your own before, if you could have taught yourself to sing, you would have by now.

How to learn to sing?

Hey, I play guitar for over 2 years now and I wish to learn how to sing. I've tried it but I am a really bad singer, I miss notes pretty often and my voice is not that good. I sing my favorite songs every day to practice but I don't see much progress, what is a good way to learn? I would prefer some kind of video/audio lessons or teaching software. I could also go to classes but I don't have any available near me now and if so they are pretty expensive aaaand I'm pretty shy to sing in front of people :/

Posted by Frankie Doparoma
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Learn to sing
There are many things that we take for granted.
We walk and talk. Some where along the line we got help. We were taught and we learned.
We read and write. Some where along the line we were taught and we learned.
If you want to do some thing that you were not born doing. Some where along the line we need to be taught so we can learn.
Choir is a good start for most.
Lessons if we get serious.

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