How to Improve Your Singing Voice

How to Improve Your Singing Voice Without Taking Singing Lessons

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Tips to improve my singing voice?

I have what I call a very "throaty" voice, like the lead singer in "The Band Perry"(I'll post a link in a minute or two) My voice is soft, and I don't exactly enunciate. I want to make be voice a little crisper, and clearer when I sing. I think my voice also seems to always be slightly flat, which is really nice when I'm harmonizing with friends, but it makes it hard to sing the right note in choir. Can anyone give me any tips?

thats kind of what i sound like when i sing- not that good of course though 🙂
no the person in the link isn't me.

Posted by Anna
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"Improving Singing Voice"
Learn the most effective way to improving
singing voice …
How ever you sound now, you can sound
better. Much better. Learning good vocal
technique is the only way of dramatically
improving your voice. Once you begin to do this,
you will be amazed at how simple singing really
Too many teachers complicate the singing
process. Using instructions like "breathe from the
diaphragm", and, "place your tone in your
mask". "Give it more support".
One. These instructions are difficult to
understand. Two. These exercises are not
effective at improving your singing voice. It's like
asking you to take a hard puzzle, picking up
random pieces, and fitting them all together
perfectly. You cannot learn to sing this way
(unless you are already talented, and even so,
these instructions won't improve your voice…)
As I see it, singing is more like a puzzle with a
few important (but very manageable) pieces that
fit right in the middle. Once you slide these first
few pieces into place, the others follow
automatically. The puzzle completes itself.
So What Is The Most Important Piece Of
This Singing Puzzle?
There is one thing every single vocal exercise you
ever do, should try to accomplish. Exercises
targeted at other things are missing the point.
The magic middle piece of the singing puzzle is….
…Balancing the air Vs muscle.
Ie; Sending the right amount of air pressure to
your vocal chords, so they can vibrate easily,
without any extra musculature.
You see, once you balance the air pressure and
muscle, a very important thing happens. Your
vocal chords will find it easy to stay closed
through your entire range. This means you will
be able to sing from the bottom of your range to
the top, without any breaks, or dramatic changes
in tone quality…..
….. This is what singing is all about!
Another great thing will happen when you
balance air and muscle. You will suddenly find
yourself singing without any vocal tension.
That's right. No more straining for high notes. No
more feeling tired after a few minutes of singing.
All from this very important centre piece of our
And When This Piece Falls Into Place?
Everything else follows naturally…
1. Your vocal chords "zip up" as you sing higher,
giving you access to extremely high notes, with
no strain at all.
2. No more worrying about "diaphragmatic
breathing". When you use the right exercises,
breathing follows automatically, and naturally.
3. No more straining for high or low notes.
How You Can Be Improving Singing Voice
You can take your voice WAY beyond where you
ever thought it could be with what I'm about to
tell you.
It's called the SPEECH LEVEL SINGING process,
and it's the MOST effective singing method ever
Every exercise is targeted towards balancing your
air vs muscle. And every exercise strengthens
ONLY the most important muscles for singing.
This method can kick start your voice in days. It
can extend your vocal range by over an octave,
and it can give you control over your voice like
you wouldn't believe. Why?
Because it's the CORRECT way to sing. It makes
your voice function how it's SUPPOSED to.
Nothing more nothings less.
So start improving singing voice today!
More On Improving Singing Voice
"How To Discover The Voice Of Your Dreams"
I used to wonder, can online vocal lessons help
you to develop a voice with range, tone and
Improving singing voice (guide to range
extension) As far as I can tell, 99% of singers
have extra range that they could be using (if they
knew how). You see, most singers believe that
the range you are born with, is the range you
have. Through poor teaching methods, singers
may work for years on their singing range, yet
barely improving singing voice, if at all.

Improving singing voice.?

First off, does singing to music all day really help you sing better?

And what are some ways to help make your voice sound better?

Posted by Amber
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Singing all day isn't really a good idea- you can overwork your voice to the point where it hurts.
A good routine includes a 15-20 minute warm-up in the morning, a good singing session of not more than 2 hours at a go, and in the evening when everything's been done for the day, a final cool down session.
Warm ups and cool downs should include anti-stress exercises for your general health and well-being ( it's no good for your voice if you sing spitting mad) and humming to get your vocal apparatus used to the idea of what you want to achieve.
( note: humming does not always equal humming. In this case, your molars do not touch, your lips barely touch and your feel like you've got an egg in your mouth cavity. It's a raw one. So don't bite down and break it. Yuck!) The humming sensation will become apparent across your cheekbones, along the ridge of your nose, up into your forehead. These are all good signposts, and classical singers refer to this feeling as "in the mask".
After humming a minute or two, all up and down your range, take a pause and yawn. A big one!
Now, go back and feel what happens in the back of your mouth and beginning of your throat after the first big inrush of air. Now stop. Don't let the yawn go further. It can be done. This open easy feeling in the back of your mouth ( in technical terms: pharynx) is as essential as the focused feeling up front. Sometimes even more so. This is the main sound chamber where the raw sound generated by those tiny vocal cords starts to take on the shape that we call musical sound. This is where, with the further help of the tongue, we make and pronounce good vowels, ones that will carry all through a hall and still be understood. ( even without a mike!)
Learn how you can optimize your breathing. Get to know the big broad muscles in your back, and keep the feeling of being anchored in your body with every note you sing. You will hear of "diaphragmatic breathing". The idea is right, the name is wrong. The diaphragm is an involuntary muscle, We have no direct control over it. When the diaphragm is activated ( which it always is when we breathe) we can feel the area below our ribs leading into the belly cavity start to move out of the way as we fill up with air. Can you inhale that deeply and then wait a second before you exhale?
It's kinda like waiting for the first firework to go up, or being happily surprised. Singers train to maintain that feeling while singing, and not allowing the belly to cave in.
Of course, all of this will work much more efficiently if you work on it with a singing teacher. It's near impossible to teach yourself to sing alone, and lessons are really worth their while.

How do I improve my singing voice?

I sound horrible right now: Https://…

I am very bad because 1. I had to clear my throat through the entire thing 2. I was quiet because I was afraid my family would hear me (stage fright) and 3. Because I need A LOT more practice! (that's why I'm coming to you guys for advice!) I'll re-ask this when no one is home ad I can REALLY try my best to sing.

I'm pretty embarrassed with my voice. Please help! 🙁

Posted by Creative Peeps
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If you are interested in improving, the only safe way to improve is to have lessons with an experienced teacher. If you can’t afford singing lessons, the only safe alternative is joining a choir but the results won’t be the same. Please do not try to train yourself because you will probably end up damaging your voice. In fact, it takes lots of years to learn how to sing properly and only a teacher can help you with that, you can’t do it without any help. Even very talented people must take singing lessons in order to learn about correct techniques. Nobody is too talented to have lessons and nobody is born with good techniques.

Do not rely on youtube tutorials or other tutorials from the internet because you can misunderstand things easily, and many of those guys who claim that they are teachers or trained singers aren’t. Another problem with internet tutorials is that you don’t have anyone to correct your mistakes and you won’t even realize that you are making them until it’s too late.

Do not rely on advice that you found on the internet, many people know nothing about singing and they still try to give advice to others. Most of the times, what they say is wrong and harmful. Do not follow any advice given to you by self trained singers, they don’t know anything about singing even if they claim that they are experts.

The teacher has to be in the same room with you so that he/she will be able to hear your mistakes and help you with correcting them. Do not make up any weird techniques, they are dangerous and they don’t work.

Do not overdo it when singing, you should know your limits, if you can’t sing something just don’t sing it, straining your voice is really bad. Also, respect your voice type and your vocal range, don’t try to sing too high or too low if you can’t. You can’t change your voice type because it depends on the length of your vocal chords, only age may change that (usually puberty).

Do not listen to those guys who say that singing lessons are a waste of money and time and that you either can sing or not. People who label themselves as singers and claim that lessons are useless will probably end up needing a surgery to remove vocal nodules because they have tried to train themselves and have developed bad habits and techniques. Singing lessons work and they are very useful unless someone is tone deaf! It’s always wiser to spend a little more money for a teacher than giving this money to a doctor to remove weird things from your vocal chords. I hope this helps, good luck!

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How to Improve Your Singing Voice Without Taking Singing Lessons…