How to Have A Better Singing Voice

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How to get a better singing voice?

My friends say I sing good but sometimes I dont know if it true.
I mean they might just be trying to spare my feelings, you know?
So it sounds pretty average to myself but when I record it on my camera
it sounds…not so good. Someone also told me if you use like earplugs
and sing then thats what it will sound like to everyone else. So i wanted
to know…
A)the earplugs thing- is it true?
B)are there anyway to get a better singing voice/will voice lessons
help me get a better singing voice?

Posted by Actress87
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Voice lessons help many people. It helps your breathing style which is a huge part of singing. Hoe you breathe is important. If you are out of breath in the middle of a song it makes the song sound bad. A lot of musical camps also teach how to sing properly. Singing takes a lot of practice. If you sing to much before a performance or an audition you will sound hoarse. I have never heard of an earplug thing. Also, if you have software that lets you record your self. Record yourself then listen to it. Don't use a cell phone recorder because it has terrible sound quality. Recording yourself lets you hear how you breathe, when you breathe, pitch, and many more. IT kind tells you what to work on. Get somebody besides family to five you an opinion. Family tends to tell white lies on what there real opinions. I hope this helps!

How can someone get a good singing voice?

I don't have a great one but i like to rap and sing i was thinking about writing a rap song but i didn't want to because of my voice.

Posted by Joey
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Just sing. You could get a teacher, but good ones cost a lot of money. Pay for one if you can. But just sing to as many different things as you can. This will strengthen your voice. You might be bit terrible at first, but it's like working on a muscle: sore first, awesome later. Try singing to things that are really difficult for you because these will really try out your ear for the notes as well as trying out your voice.

There is a text book with CD package by Seth Riggs. I think it's called Sing For The Stars. It's better to do this with a teacher, but you can manage a lot by yourself with this. Riggs has trained loads of world class singers.

Is lipton green tea good for your singing voice

i am 15 and im a beginner at singing . I really wanna help my voice get better and suceed in a singing career.ive heard that lipton green tea and honey can really help you sing better, also many people tell me that if u sing from your diagram it'll help you sing better also,but can anyone tellll me if this is true and some other tips on how to make your singing voice really good thanks.

Posted by Christy C
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Lipton green tea is not the best kind of tea for your voice, but it is not horrible either. Try hot teas especially, and lots of water, they help unclog the mucus on your vocal cords, creating a purer sound. Celestial Seasoning Imperial White Peach White Tea does wonders. Also, try avoiding dairy products and soda before you sing, and in general if possible.

Yes, you are supposed to sing from your diaphragm. That is your technical breathing muscle, located right below the rib cage. When you breathe in, your diaphragm should go out. As you release air through singing, it should come back in. This is something you have to train yourself to do; we are very used to using our lungs to breathe which is not correct while singing. (If your shoulders raise when you take a breath you are breathing from your lungs rather than your diaphragm.) Try laying on the ground with a text book on your stomach. As you inhale, watch the book raise, and as you exhale watch it fall. Try doing this for 5-15 minutes consistently and you will see a difference in your breathing and the tone of your voice.

The best thing you can do to become a better singer is get formal training. Your vocal coach could identify what your problem areas are and help you overcome them. I just started formally taking lessons about 2 months ago, and it has worked miracles already! It will also help save your voice over the long haul…singing the wrong way can be very damaging.

Well, I hope that helps. =) You can succeed in your singing dreams, just work hard and if at all possible take lessons!


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