How to Develop a Singing Voice

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Develop a good singing voice?

Ok, so I've been practicing singing by myself and I'm noticing changes and have improved over the last 5 months. I try to sneak in a song I like.and sing it out loud in my bedroom or basement. But I feel like my voice isn't clear enough I feel like I need to train for a couple more months or a year or two to get my unique singing voice. I seem average at the moment.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can better develop a unique singing voice that is smooth and alot more clearer?

Posted by joshua
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In fact, it takes obviously some talent, some luck, LOTS of patience, diligence, courage, hard work, dedication and LOTS of lessons with a GOOD vocal teacher. Besides, your voice will keep maturing until you are in your mid-30s so you need a lot of TIME as well. Therefore:

Sorry, but THE ONLY SAFE way to learn the correct singing techniques & to improve properly IS to take OFFLINE face-to-face singing lessons with a fully trained vocal teacher! The teacher HAS TO BE in the same room with you, so that he/she can give you proper feedback. However, even the best teachers in the world cannot make wonders, so please be realistic with this. Singing lessons are NOT going to help if one is tone-deaf!

Please do NOT rely on any dodgy web tutorials because that way you can misunderstand things VERY EASILY and develop bad habits, hoarseness, vocal nodules and other nasties IN NO TIME, and even though you would sound good! It is always much wiser to invest a little bit of your money/time to face-to-face lessons rather than wasting the same amount of money (or even more!) to frequent ear-nose-throat specialist visits due to aforementioned problems, so please reconsider this. If you can't afford vocal lessons, then joining a choir is the only SAFE alternative option. And believe me, but even MANY of those who have music as their hobby DO take lessons as well!

Always remember to warm up your voice properly, but please know your limits and don't overdo your voice! Remember the diaphragmatic support, do not strain your throat too much! Also, remember good body posture!

Avoid fizzy drinks (burp danger), dairy products (mucus risk), caffeinated products (coffee & tea included, they dry up your throat) and spicy food (irritation risk)! You can consume these things, but NEVER before singing!

Do NOT shout, yell, scream nor otherwise abuse your voice AT ANY TIME! Also, please respect your vocal range; if your teacher says you are, say, more of an alto (baritone if you are male), then you ARE more of an alto (baritone).

DO NOT try to imitate anyone famous, that will usually give you just bad habits and even damage your throat. You are YOU and your voice is unique, so please learn to cherish that. The world does NOT need copycats.

Do NOT sing, whisper, shout, yell nor scream if having a sore throat/cold/flu, Also, do speak as little as you can if you have flu/cold/sore throat!

Remember to drink at least 2 litres of room-temperature still water every day, not just during singing days!

Smoking is a big no-no, as is inhaling secondhand smoke. Also, avoid staying in dusty and/or moldy environment.

There you go, take it or leave it, but self-help IS actually DANGEROUS. As dangerous as trying to perform a minor surgery on oneself after watching a couple of episodes of Holby City or Chicago Hope.

Develop your singing voice?

Is it possible to develop your voice so its sounds good singing? If so, how? Pleasese.

Posted by Jamie
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The best way to develop your singing voice is to take voice lessons. It's important to learn the proper breathing technique for singing. Most people DON'T breathe the right way, and their singing doesn't sound as good as it could if they would breathe correctly. It's not hard, but it does take practice. A voice teacher can help you learn the right way, give you exercises to practice it, and then help you work on your tone quality, vocal production and expression. These are all components that will help you sound good.

Good Luck! :- )

How do you develop "your own" singing voice?

I have many influences, such as

Tegan and Sara
Meg and Dia
Hayley Williams
Bert McCracken (Yes, a guy)
The guy of Playradioplay
and Rediscover
the girls of Eyes Set To Kill

Now, I know I can sing.
But I want to improve it a bit.
If I go to the right person for lessons, will they help me out, combine all those influences together, and help me develop that singing voice?

And so on.

Posted by Deleted
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Any good voice teacher will help you develop your own vocal style and a much better voice. Make sure your teacher has a college degree in voice (preferably a master's degree) and is well respected in your local area. When you start lessons, make sure to let your teacher know what kind of voice you are hoping to develop. Don't make your teacher guess your likes and dislikes. If you feel that your teacher is pushing you to take your voice in a different direction than you desire, find a better teacher.

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