How to Develop a Good Singing Voice

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Questions and Answers

How can i develop a good singing voice?

Recently ive been like totally, inspired to sing good. I started listening to Queen and the Beatles and all of a sudden it hit me. I want to sing good!!! Hearing Freddy Mercury yell " Mommaaaaaaa" in that tone just made me go crazy.

Now i don't think i have that great of a singing voice already and from what i hear, you need natural talent, just like acting. But are there any techniques or practices i can use to develop it. I have a pretty deep voice, so i don't know if practices vary depending on your voice type. So what can i do?

Posted by Studmuffin
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I'm so happy you're taking an interest in singing! =D To begin with, it would be a good idea to find a voice teacher. You don't need some fancy, expensive teacher, just someone who knows what they're doing and how to lead you in warm ups and excercises, and to coach you through songs. If you don't want to pay for a teacher…

…another good idea would be to join a community or school choir. If you're young, a school choir is great. If you're older, community colleges just about ALWAYS have choirs where no previous experience is needed, or you can find a choir in your community or church. That kind of regular practice and instruction will help build your skill, even if it isn't the kind of style you want to sing. You can do that yourself later, and use the choir to build your skill =)

You could also look for vocal warm up or vocal excercise books and CDs. For example, just search "vocal warmup cd" on amazon, and it'll being up some book + CD packages that will be easy to use and build your skill =)

I don't know how far along you are with your voice or if you know anything about music, but if you need help singing on key and matching pitches, here's an online piano:
(I believe you need java script or somethin) but just go and play notes, and match them with your voice.

Good luck, and happy singing =D.

How long would it take to develop a good singing voice?

Providing theres a lesson a week, and practicing daily.

Posted by Miscellanious
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Hi Miscellanious,

First let's establish what "normal" is since someone else referred to something as normal that I find horrendous. While some children take private lessons, the advantage to private lessons NORMALLY begins when a girl is 16 or 17, and when a guy is about 18 (a freshman in college).

Second: "good singing voice" suggests that the instrument already has good potential, that is, the "raw material" to eventually produce a fine musician singer is there. It is possible to have the raw material and not take any voice lessons at all. However, I'm going to assume that you mean "and also knows how to use it" implied in your question since you use the word "develop".

During the next four or so years, the voice in each gender is going through its biggest phase of development, even though the voice continues to mature for several more years in each case. It is during these years that voice lessons help the young singer to establish good singing habits: ways of listening, habits for respiration and breath support, production of tone quality, etc. – until a settled reliable technique is established.

Assuming the best: a competent voice teacher and a diligent voice student, by age 20 – 21 the young singer will NORMALLY have developed a good singing voice – one s/he can count on that is resonant, expressive and pleasant to listen to.

Many professional singers retain the same voice teacher they developed with for decades to come back to for an occasional "refresher" lesson when things temporarily don't seem to be working well.

Four years – minimum – is normal depending on the goals of the singer. Graduate singers go on beyond their college career. However, with a solid foundation they can spend their time on and be concerned about the repertoire they learn, rather than "how to learn to sing".

I hope this sheds some light on your question.

Best wishes.

How long does it take to develop a good singing voice?

Im 16 nd hiv bn playing guitar sing 10 nd starting writing lyics to my songs at 13/14. Ive just started singing a few weeks ago for very first time nd mum says my voice is quite good, especially for first time singing. So i was wondering will my voice get stronger/better? And how long could it take t develop its best?

I dnt go to vocal coaching as im far too shy to sing infront off people the now.

Ta fur any reply's XxXxX.

Posted by ღ…ℓιѕα…ღ
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Practice singing whenever you can. Your range will develop with time, and you voice becomes stronger. Warm up before you start playing so you don't strain your voice and hurt your throat, and stop pushing notes once it becomes too difficult. Breathe so your stomach expands (your shoulders shouldn't rise) so your voice comes out strong and projected.

Your range and singing voice will get better over time. How long it takes depends on you and how much time you take to practice. It's like learning a song for guitar.

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