How to Become a Good Singer

How to Become a Good Singer Without Lessons: 5 Steps

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How can i become a singer?

I am a really good singer, but i dont know who to talk to, or how to become one. I just wanna know how i can get started. Have any ideas?

Posted by treehuggerveggilover
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"How to become a Singer?"

Everybody loves a good song. There are a lot of people who love singing and there are various types of singers such as bathroom singers, classical singers, professional singers who sing songs based on genres such as country, pop, rap etc. If you are aspiring to be a singer you need to experiment with the following ideas:

First, try singing to a smaller public, and ask them for an opinion. Record your voice at the time of singing and listen to it. Refer some of the important books that will provide you instructions regarding the different techniques of singing. Attend practical classes to learn music by choosing a good tutor. Switch on the musical devices and try lisping when you hear your stars singing. Attend the shows at live concerts to practically know about the stage performances. You will be probably inspired by their strengths and try to acquire a few points from them.

If you firmly believe in your talent then continue with the activity more seriously by choosing a good tutor. Sing alone whenever there are no people around you. Add style to your singing by adding a few dance steps.


How to become a singer ?

Well, i want to be a singer, im 13
I like Justin Bieber and he made me want to do this, But im not sure how to become a singer
I think i have a good voice and so do my friends (that i sing to, which isnt many)
So help me please ?

Posted by Josh Grummer
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Look just go for it. I want to be a singer too. Im 11 turning 12 in early july i think its good yo start trying at ages 10-13. You'll have a better chance. And if your friends say your'll good that means you're good. And if you think you're good then you're good. If you think you're good don't worry about what other people say. Start off by singing in front of your class cuz thats what i did and all my class mates said i was good. I did it to see if i could perform in front of 20 other people. Since i did it and forgot about my fears it means its time to start making music. Do as i am doing. I have three songs so far. Im going to make a demo burn it to a CD and my manager is going to send it to a record label. I have a band so that's why i have a manager. Try getting a band it will make it easier to be a singer. It all started when i was at home on a thursday night and i was thinking about having a band so i asked my friends nina, paulina, and brianna if they were in. They said yes but it wasn't the way i planned. I thought we were all going to sing and get other people that played instruments like a girl version of big time rush or something but then paulina said she only wanted one singer so they all chose me cuz they said i sing pretty good. Brianna sings as good as i do but she gets stage fright but i don't cuz ever since i sang in front of my class i began to love performing. Coming from me a girl who shares the same dream as you do follow what i do. First, you can try to form a band with your friends. You dont necessarily need all of them. I only used three of my closest friends cuz we're all so sweet so it makes it easier to get along. Second, if you form a band ask one of your friends' moms that are good with business to be your manager. My friend nina said her mom is good with business so we asked her and she said yes. Dont ask them if they're not good with business. If none of the moms are good with business then ask all the moms if they know someone who is. If you get a couple of suggestions then call them and see if they want to do it. Last, make music get some kind of software on your computer, record songs to it, then burn it onto a CD and ask your manager to find the adress to a good record label and mail the song. Dont always thing your songs are perfect from the first time. Show it to your band members first then change it if anything needs to be fixed. Its hard to write songs but you'll get the hang of it. Hey if we both get to be famous singers we could be friends. What's your name? Anyway follow your dreams, work hard, have faith in yourself, and practice alot. You dont always get a yes at first shot. You could also go into a competition. Or put videos on youtube of you singing. Email me the link if you choose to make videos on youtube. And im not only sending a demo to the record company all the band members in my band are going to put them on a ton of sites. You don't have to do what justin bieber did. Do what you think is right in developing this career. Oh and send pictures of you and your band members and write a letter telling them your name, age, about our dream, and persuading them into signing you to a recording contract. They also judge by looks. They like hot people. And if they think something about you other than your voice says super star they'll definately sign you. I think me and my friends were meant to be somebody because of our looks, names and talents. Make sure your voice is perfection though thats what matters most. Dont just sit around waiting for your dreams to come true. Make them come true.

Becoming an Opera Singer?

Just wondering what are the main steps of becoming an opera singer,
I've been taking singing lessons for just under 3 years now and have always enjoyed singing (taking part in musicals, choirs etc.)
I've sort of determined from my limited knowledge that I'm either a soubrette or coloratura mezzo or lyric soprano, something in that sort of range. (Yes very limited knowledge I sort of figured it out by what songs I can sing and what roles I can do.)
I sing everyday for at least 30 mins just for recreation but also doing exercises and such…
How many years would it take? Is it a long shot to want to become a professional opera singer? Are there any things I could do to speed up the process? Is there anything I can do at my age?

BTW not extremely serious, if someone said no I wouldn't be distraught. Just curious.

Thank you!!!!

Posted by AliciaValentine
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Becoming a classical musician or singer is a serious business, so do not attempt it if you are not really serious about it, because studying and practicing is going to take a great deal of time of your life for the rest of it. A singer never stops studying. It isn't like being, let's say an lawyer (with all due respect): you finish your law degree, take the bar exam and then you're a lawyer. It doesn't work like that for a classical musician. You will have to keep practicing every day for the rest of your life.

Some years ago (let's say 60-70 years ago), there was no proper training for singers. Someone discovered that a person had a nice voice and taught them some technique and the roles by repeating them to the singer (korrepetitor). Many singers couldn't even read music! Things have changed, and now singers usually take an undergraduate degree in singing, where they are taught not only technique, diction, stage technique and repertoire but also music theory/harmony, basic keyboard skills, aural training, music history and other skills that nowadays are very important for musicians. Then singers usually take a postgraduate course focusing on lied, musical theatre, opera or concert/oratorio repertoire. After that, some singers apply to opera studios. Opera studios are programs for young singers at major opera houses, where students learn AT THE THEATRE repertoire and the workings of opera productions, as well as getting opportunities to sing in minor roles or act as understudy for other singers. Best opera studios: Royal Opera House (London), Brussels, La Scala…. Most of them in Europe. Of course some singers manage to establish themselves as opera singers without postgraduate study of any kind, but that doesn't happen very often. What an opera singer needs is "to be discovered" by a conductor, a manager, a korrepetitor… How you do that? Through competitions, masterclasses, opera studios etc.

How many years? Let's say that at least 10.

Good luck!

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