How to Be On The Voice

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Questions and Answers

What is passive voice?

My instructor told us not to write in the passive voice, so what does that mean?

Posted by mayo_girl_2006
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Eg. Passive voice: at the meeting it was decided ….
Active voice : at the meeting we decided….

Famous example Ronald Reagan said " Mistakes were made…."
active voice : I made a mistake…

The passive voice does not make clear who the person doing the action was, but the active voice does.

The voices of Hip Hop?

Which artist has the:

deepest voice:
high pitch voice:
loudest voice:
most monotone voice:
annoying voice:
sinister voice:
creative/unique voice:

2:What is something you're looking forward to?

Posted by D.P.
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Deepest voice: Chali 2na he really does
high pitch voice: I think Bootie Brown has a higher voice than Imani.
Loudest voice: Luda!
Most monotone voice: Guru
annoying voice: Vast Aire
sinister voice: ???
Creative/unique voice: Although rather annoying Aesop Rock.

Chest/Head/Mixed Voice?

I know there is a way to combine head voice (higher register) and chest voice (speaking voice register) into mixed voice. Can all of head voice be made into mixed voice? That is, can even the highest note of my head voice be made into mixed voice (for example, to belt)?

Posted by EbonyRose
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Mixed voice is actually a way to close your gap.
It's MIXING your head voice with your chest voice. You can train mixing by VERY SLOWLY glide from a low note to a high note and back.
Your head voice can't be "made into" mixed voice, your head voice will remain your head voice. You CAN mix in more chest voice or belt notes (meaning you sing high notes in chest voice).
If you can belt the highest note of your head voice, depends on how high that note is. Most likely, no.

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