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Great Koch Brothers parody of “I’d like to teach the world to sing” (Americablog)

"They're the evil thing."

Singing Tips : How to Pronounce Words When Singing

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Any free online singing lessons, like a teacher? Not tips?

Im looking for a good interactive way to sing better. I love singing and people say i sing really good. But i want to be better. Online and free classes or something?

Posted by Emma
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Τhe only safe way to improve is singing lessons. Please, do not try to train yourself because you will end up damaging your voice. If you can’t afford singing lessons try joining a choir. Do not rely on youtube tutorials or other tutorials from the internet because you can misunderstand things easily, and many of those guys who claim that they are teachers or trained singers aren’t. The teacher should be in the same room with you so that he/she will be able to hear your mistakes and help you with correcting them. Do not make up any weird techniques, they are dangerous and they don’t work.

Do not overdo it when singing, you should know your limits, if you can’t sing something just don’t sing it, straining your voice is really bad. Do not listen to those guys who say that singing lessons are a waste of money and time and that you either can sing or not. Those people who label themselves as singers and claim that lessons are useless will probably end up needing a surgery to remove vocal nodules because they have tried to trained themselves and have developed bad habits and techniques. It’s always wiser to spend a little more money for a teacher than giving this money to a doctor to remove weird things from your vocal chords. I hope this helps, good luck!

I could use some singing tips.?

I really really want to become a profession/famous singer. Does anyone tips or suggestions?

Posted by Nikiiii! [:
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This is a free singing mini course that might be a good starting point for you. They provide a lot of useful singing tips.

Day 1: "Introduction and Vocal Warmups"

Day 2: "Vocal Tone"

Day 3: "Becoming Pitch Perfect"

Day 4: "Breathing and Posture"

Day 5: "Creating a Connected Voice"

The biggest singing tip I can give you is to not expect to become a famous singer overnight. It takes a lot of practice and determination to be a great singer.

I hope these tips are helpful!

Singing tips pleeeeeeeease?

Any tips on keeping your voice good and making it better and tips and stuff? 10 points for 15 facts (:

Posted by This Is 19 Letters Long
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Here is some information for you:

A2Z Singing and Free Voice Lesson Tips

Voice Care Tips
Protect Your Singing Voice and
Enhance Vocal Health!

How to Take Care of Your Singing Voice

FREE online singing lessons

Learn to Sing Better: Free Voice Lessons

More Free Singing Lessons

Be sure to check out YouTube as there are tons and tons of videos about singing on there!

Hope this helps you and Good Luck!


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