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Where can I find free singing lessons?

Where can I find singing lessons online for a complete beginner?

Posted by Travis Barker
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Go to this site Http://…
or try this site Http://…

I wanna sing?

But my mother doesn't think i can everytime i ask her for guitar lessons she always say u won't kep up with it and i was like this is the first instrument that i ever wanted to play how do i get her to let me sing?

Posted by erie or heiress
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If you are serious about singing and playing guitar then you can first save your allowance and buy a used guitar yourself. They can be bought at Walmart or any musical intrument store. You can take free online basic guitar lessons and beginner voice lessons can be found on you tube. When you learn to play an easy song like "Patsy Cline's Crazy" and sing along with it you can show her you are serious. The main chords for that easy country song are easy to find and easy to play. This shouldn't take to long with hard work and patience, but most of all confidence.

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Wagon Wheelers part of Blount County for 58 years – The Daily Times

Wagon Wheelers part of Blount County for 58 yearsThe Daily Times… Dance Club to thank. The Wagon Wheelers have been right here in the community since 1956, offering classes and providing a safe, fun environment where lovers of square dancing can kick up their heels, do an allemande left and make friends for life.

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The Colonial Community Calendar: Week of May 25

Wissahickon Valley Public Library.

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