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Free online singing lessons?

I found this guide to help me sing better called singorama, and i wanted to try because it sounded really cool, and fun but it costs money, i was wondering if anyone knew online guides or something to help me sing better thats 100 % free. Please help. Thanks;

Posted by Queen Reamer
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Of course. I am subscribed (for free) to a newsletter that sends out weekly video vocal tips with free exercises for you to do at home. They are better than Singorama too. They are able to give them out for free because they are so good that they know people will eventually buy their program (you dont have to pay for anything though if you dont want).

Anyways, here is more info: Http://

Free singing lessons?

I really want to get singing lessons as i have an ok voice and would like to do something with it., but i spend all of my pocket money going to drama and dance and clothes and costumes for dance and bus fares to get everywhere..
There is only friday that i dont do anything but my mum said i should stay at home and see my family.
She said if i want to sing i should give up one of my dance lessons so i have the time, but dancing is my life.. Its my fave thing to do and i dont want to miss out.
I just wondered if there are any online classes that are free but good.. It sounds crazy i know.. But something to warm my voice up.. Just until i can get enough money to go to singing on fridays if anywhere near me holds classes.
Any advice about singing or websites would be appreciated.

Posted by Jade..x
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Well look, i no this isnt wot u asked, but if dancing is your liife, THEN STICK TO IT! Its better to become good at one thing than OK at a couple

i LUV singing, and no im not sure u can get FREE singing lessons, and the ones on the internet are terrible!
Im gettin singin lessons soon and their verii expensive, so my mum is onlii guna let me get one lesson a fortnight!
Their £14 for half an hour! Lol.

Are there online singing lessons that are free?

I want to learn how to sing, because right now i sound like a dying cat ( not exaggerating). So i was wondering if there was a website that you could sing into a mic or something and they would give you tips or something for free?

Posted by Jules
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go on youtube and google voice lessons. You will get lots more videos like that one. You will find mostly videos on the proper breathing techniques, but also some on singing high, using your range, and vocal exercises. However, even though online voice lessons are helpful, there is nothing like actually having the voice lesson in person. Things are more clear and less confusing because the voice teacher is explaining it to you in person. Also, the voice teacher is able to give you feedback and constructive criticism, which would not be possible to do if you were having a voice lesson online. So even if the videos help you now, it is still a good idea in the future, to have a real voice lesson that is actually in person.

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