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Ella Fitzgerald Most Popular Song?

Whats her most popular song? (its for a music project)

Posted by Wii 60 Man
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I second piano jazzman, "The First Lady of Song", Ella Fitzgerald's most popular songs which she is also most identfied with is her million-seller song , "A-Tisket, A-Tasket."

"Can't we be friends" (Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong)?

Could someone please tell me what this song is about?

A girl i am starting to date told me twice how much she like this song…and i don't know if it's because she wants us to be friends or because she's afraid I would only want to be friends….

Posted by Kaizen
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The song is about a relationship (boyfriend – girlfriend) that is ending because the man doesn't want to be a boyfriend anymore. When you ask someone out (or are dating someone), and they ask you to be 'friends' it means they don't want to date you.

I thought I'd found the man of my dreams.
Now it seems, This is how the story ends:
He's goin' to turn me down and say,
"Can't We Be Friends?"

I thought for once it couldn't go wrong.
Not for long! I can see the way this ends:
Never again! Through with Love,
Through with men!
They play their game without shame, and who's to blame?

I thought I'd found a man I could trust.
What a bust! This is how the story ends:
He's goin' to turn me down and say,
"Can't We Be Friends?"

edit: it is a nice song… Maybe she's trying to tell you something, maybe not.. Hard to say, really.

Help with a Louis Armstrong / Ella Fitzgerald song?

Many years ago, I heard a duet with Louis Armstrong and I THINK Ella Fitzgerald, though I could be wrong about that last bit…(did he partner with other female singers?) Anyway, I believe the song was called "No One."

I just remember the opening lyrics being something like:

"No one, could ever love you… Like I do.
"No one… (something something)…"

I've googled this and Amazon.com'ed it to death, and can't find it… HELP! Are there any Louis Armstrong experts out there?
Thanks for the help so far, but none of those suggestions are the song I heard. I appreciate your efforts, nonetheless!

Posted by Slappy McStretchNuts
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The name of the song is called " No one else but you ". He did it with his hot five band . It included a female vocalist . This recording was orginally done in the 1930's. He also did an album with Ella called " Ella and Louis ",that song was not included .

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