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There is this music video?

I want to watch it but i cant remember the singers full name i know the first name its Jessica thats all i know of the singer i know its not simpson i do know the video its a car race and there are women mechanics stripping, distracting the drivers, i will be greatful if anyone could let me know who it is thanks.

Posted by Orion
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Ella fitzgerald- cry me a river.

I was onwww.myspace.com the xmas music playing who singsthat version of baby its cold outside???

On that site they have christmas music playing in the background i really would like to know who sings that version and if there is a way i can put it on my profile
Http://myspace.com/contacttables i hope thats what u were talking about.

Posted by NiNi
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I didnt really like that style. I like Ella Fitzgeralds version. It is better!

To put a song on your myspace
1. When you log in, you are 'home' go to edit profile
2. At the top where is says personal, privacy, or whatever options there are. (right below the blue part)
3. Click on song/video option
4. Type in an artist
5. When you find the song you want, click add. And it will ask if you want to add to your profile and just say yes if youdo and it puts it on your profile!

Good luck!

Before Michael Jackson, what was the music industry like?

What was the music scene like before Michael Jackson?
Specifically what kind of music was ruling the music scene? Was it pop? And where there a lot of black artists around?

Posted by Teresa
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I remember Abba, BeeGees, Blondie i.e. Disco and New Wave. MJ started using a falsetto actually after hearing the BeeGees. I do remember seeing BoneyM on TV a lot and they were black. I'm in Australia btw, Marcia Hines who was black was singing on the most popular pop show every week out here.

With Thriller he put a lot of money into the video to get it on MTV, before then videos tended to be very low budget and amateurish. Madonna and Duran Duran also picked up on the power of the music video and MTV.

There were black artists before MJ like James Brown and Aretha. There was Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong and Sammy Davis Jnr also. Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn. These artists had a massive influence on their white contemporaries, even though they faced a lot of discrimination that today would be considered unacceptable.

Anyhow, MJ is credited with being the first black artist to have a video that got heavy rotation on MTV and opened the way for others. It seems strange to me considering their dominance nowadays.


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CDI/Concert Dance Inc. Returns to Kick Off the 2014 Ravinia Season and Ruth …Chicago TribuneMusic: Misirlou (folk song), Phedre – Mikis Theodorakis Dancers: … Music: Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald … Founded in 1981, CDI/Concert Dance Inc. Is the official contemporary dance company and an Artist In-Residence of the Ruth Page Center for …and more »

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Hey Mr. Mardirian, put a record on

John Lee Hooker’s loud, bluesy tune The Healer plays on a turntable as Diran Mardirian smokes a rolled-up cigarette, the ambiance of his DVD store’s second floor turning into an almost surreal setting, a long way from modern-day Beirut.

Ella Fitzgerald : Concord Music Group


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