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Song lyrics with guitar chords for Manhattan - Ella Fitzgerald, 1956

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What is a good song by ella fitzgerald?

So for my school project i need to sing i song by ella fitzgerald, and i've been having trouble choosing one. I need it to be predominately with words but have a bit of scat singing in it to. Thanks guys!!

Posted by mikaaaaa
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Lady be good

(lyrics and scat)

here's a sample at Amazon. Scroll down…it's track 18


Swing music recommendations?

I'm reaaaaally addicted to swing music! I love the classics, like Sinatra and Goodman, but I need mooooore. Songs, people in general, anything you can think of!
I really love stuff from the 20s/30s, and I love just instrumental music as well, so don't worry if there are no lyrics! (:

Posted by Jess Mackay
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Count Basie
Duke Ellington
Benny Goodman
Glenn Miller

Quincy Jones
Gene Krupa
Ella Fitzgerald
Billy Holiday
Louis Armstong

Buddy Rich
Fats Waller
Artie Shaw
Les Brown
Fletcher Henderson
Art Tatum
Coleman Hawkins
Jonny Hodges
Lester Young.

Help me… I'M BEGGING YOU!!!?

I need anything and everything about….

Ella Fitzgerald.

I mean it, anything.

Posted by you are the song I know™

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Guest Blog: Hillary Capps on Songwriting and Collaboration – American Songwriter

American SongwriterGuest Blog: Hillary Capps on Songwriting and CollaborationAmerican SongwriterYes, this may seem obvious, but it's just a simple reminder to involve other musicians in your project. We see the formula all the time, because it works! E.g. Santana & Michelle Branch, St. Vincent & David Byrne, Rihanna & Eminem, Ella Fitzgerald …

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The maestro Quincy Jones and his singing Montreal protégé

It’s a trip to be in the same room with these two. Not only do Jones and Yanofsky share the secret language of the jazzbos, they trade scats and melodies wordlessly in reference to new songs and old.

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