Ella Fitzgerald Famous Songs

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French songs…………?

I like this type of songs, does it has a genre or could you recommend famous songs of this type, if i like these then .. I should like.. ?

Je Cherche Un Homme by Eartha Kitt
C'est Si Bon by Eartha Kitt.

Posted by Antonella C
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Ertha Kitt is usually seen as a jazz singer. Edith Piaf is the most famous of the French singers. I'd ask this in France in Yahoo!answers, Travel, and get more recommendations. Jazz in Music, too. I'll bet Ella Fitzgerald might have cut some records like that.

What did Ella Fitzgerald do to become so famous?

Yes she did make lots of songs and etc but why was she so famous? Like, was she the first female black singer, or what? And also could you tell me about her life. Like childhood, achievements and etc.
Suitable for year 5.
So she wasn't the first female black singer or whatever?

Posted by Digikari
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She was revolutionary because she was black AND female. Also, her recordings date all the way back to the 30's when jazz was just being discovered.

Her singing style reflects that of Louis Armstrong, who was the first jazz musician of his kind (because before him, there wasn't really any what we would think of as 'jazz', only ragtime). Ella and Louie even sang duets together.

I don't know a lot about her life (even though I should..), but she became so famous because she's just a darn good musician! If you've never listened to her, try "Blue Skies" (the song she's most famous for). It gives you a good taste of her scat (one of her trademarks).

Jazz song help?

Idk if these are the lyrics but w/e help me anyway —

it dont mean a thang if you aint got that swing yeah
(shu-pop , shu-pop , shu-pop) etc …

Yeah idc that's all i know — so help me with the name of it?

Posted by prtyboii
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Ah yes. That is "It don't mean a thing (If it aint got that swing)" written by Duke Ellington during the bebop era. Ella Fitzgerald on vocals. This is one of Fitzgerald's most famous songs that had scat in it.

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