Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

Five videos celebrating Ella Fitzgerald's birthday | Jazz24
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Go Away, Already – SFGate (blog)

SFGate (blog)Go Away, AlreadySFGate (blog)Implicit in our discussion was a future world in which music would be changing substantially but that certain particularly excellent examples of an old form would remain as part of the culture, just as Ella Fitzgerald and Artie Shaw and Louis Armstrong …

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Harlem's Apollo Theater historian looks back at 80 years of music

By Anna Hiatt NEW YORK (Reuters) – Few American stages have produced as many music legends as Harlem’s landmark Apollo Theater, which is celebrating its 80th anniversary, and not many people know more about its rich past than its long-time historian Billy Mitchell. Since 1934, the Apollo has launched the careers of many of America’s greatest black artists – legends of blues, jazz and soul, swing …

Louis Armstrong My 10 Favorites | THUNDERBIRD37