Current Folk Singers

[monetize id=”1″] Albuquerque Folk Fest 2014: A Community Experience – Grateful Web Grateful WebAlbuquerque Folk Fest 2014: A Community ExperienceGrateful WebAs for children's events, there was a Storyteller's Tent (for kids old and young alike) with people sharing folk magic, singing games, Irish dancing, singing exposure for infants and toddlers, improvising music, a uke workshop for kids, and their own … [monetize id=”2″] MUSIC: The Cave Singers are anything but folk But they'll show their real stuff on a mini-tour […]

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World Music Magazines

[monetize id=”1″] Craigslist Is My Music Scene (AtlanticCulture) When people with no shared history make music together, it's both exhilarating and awkward. Vodka, coke, Keith, candour – The Australian Vodka, coke, Keith, candourThe AustralianOf the music magazines that still exist, none would now invite Keith to do a 30,000-word interview about the zeitgeist, the way Rolling Stone did in the early 1970s. The nearer Keith's interviews get to the present day, the more they tend to be pinned … [monetize […]

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