Canadian Boy Sings Like Elvis

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Amazing 11-Year-Old Boy Singing Michael Jackson "I Wanna …

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Old song question…?

I can't remember the name of the song about a big guy that was laying train tracks and was about to be replaced by a machine but he beat the machine in a contest. He died at the end though I think. Something about big John? I know it's not the Jimmy Dean song about Big Bad John though… Definitely about a guy laying train track that beats a machine.

Posted by johnnydangerously59
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John Henry is the guy in the song. I'm not sure which artist or exact song title you are looking for, but I found the information below on wikipedia.

Songs featuring the story of John Henry have been sung by many blues, folk, and rock musicians, Leadbelly (singing both "John Henry" and a variant entitled "Take This Hammer"), Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Paul Robeson, Mississippi John Hurt (in his "Spike Driver Blues" variant of the song), Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Wookiefoot, Big Bill Broonzy, Odetta, Johnny Cash (singing "The Legend of John Henry's Hammer") a nine minute version, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Fred McDowell, John Renbourn, John Fahey (who plays both an instrumental of the original song, and an instrumental of his own, "John Henry Variation"), Harry Belafonte, Roberta Flack, Dave Van Ronk, The Gun Club, Little Jimmy Dickens, John Jacob Niles and the Drive-By Truckers (singing "The Day John Henry Died"). Several versions have become standards among bluegrass musicians. Specifically, John Henry Brown is the main character in the song "Walk On Boy" recorded by both Doc Watson and the Rice Brothers. Dave Dudley wrote his own variation called "John Henry". Northern Ireland band 'The Helfire Club' reference the plight of John Henry in their song 'Dead Man's Funk'. The Shane Daniel album Yours Truly contains a song called "The Spirit Of John Henry". Daniel says this song has to do with the name John Henry not being used in modern songs. The Supremes recorded a song in 1967 entitled "Treat Me Nice John Henry" which explains about a girl's love for John Henry growing and growing and begging for him to be nice to her. Tom T. Hall performed a song called "More About John Henry", which explored John Henry's personal life. Most recently, Bruce Springsteen performs "John Henry" with a folk band on his 2006 album We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions. It was translated into Norwegian as "Jon Henry" in 1973 by Odd Børretzen.[6] Van Morrison recorded a rock version of the folk song on his 1998 album The Philosopher's Stone. Henry Thomas also recorded a version of the song. John henry has tinky feetIndie rock/Alt-country group Songs: Ohia released the song "John Henry Split My Heart" on their 2003 album Magnolia Electric Co., and fellow alt-country group Drive-By Truckers released the song "The Day John Henry Died" on their 2004 album The Dirty South. The Smothers Brothers have also used the "John Henry" song as part of their folk satire routine. John Henry reappears as an avenging bogeyman figure in "John Henry Gonna" on Those Poor Bastards' 2007 album Hellfire Hymns. Also, Canadian group "Cuff The Duke" have a hit song titled "The Ballad of Poor John Henry", while New York art-metal collective The Book Of Knots just released a song titled just "The Ballad of John Henry" on their new album, Traineater. American composer Aaron Copland arranged the traditional "John Henry" for orchestra or chamber orchestra in 1940, a composition that appears on the soundtrack for the Spike Lee film He Got Game (1998), among other recordings. Jerry Lee Lewis recorded the song as well in 1960. Smokey And The Bandit Opening theme says, "You've heard about the legend of Jesse James, and John Henry just to mention some names." With lyrics "…Thinking how happy John Henry was that he fell down and died," Gillian Welch, makes reference in album "Time (The Revelator)" song Elvis Presly Blues. A British folk-punk band, The Cropdusters, from Hampshire, also recorded a song called "John Henry" in the 1980s. Buck 65 also makes reference to "the hammer that killed John Henry" in a rap song circa 2006. There is also a southern metal band located in Wichita Falls, Texas called "John Henry vs. The Machine".







Posted by Anthony Williams
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Cary Grant I have no idea

Michael Jackson a very very popular singer and he was a very very good singer, but sadly passed away a couple of years ago. He started out being in the Jackson 5 when he was about 13, 14 with his brothers. The went on to becoming a solo singer and well known. He was an incredible singer.

Elvis Presley was also a popular singer back in like 1960's I think. I don't know much about him as i'm only a teen.

Justin Bieber is a popular singer aswell, he is very popular with teenage girls (especially me), he is Canadian and is apparently known for singing like a girl but now he doesn't his voice gotten deeper, and personally I think all the boys are jealous of Justin because he gets all the girls (he is very good looking) 😉

Names of American Christmas Singers?

I'm searching for any American Christmas Singers videos on Youtube.

Do you know any American Sings that sing these Christmas songs:

White Christmas,
Jingle Bells,
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Posted by Bryan Loves Jesus Christ/Bryan Encanta Jesucristo
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Gene Autry did the original Rudolph, Burl Ives did a couple and White Christmas is, of course , done by Bing Crosby.
Jimmy Durante does a different version of Frosty. I have a great vidoe of Bing Crosby and Mick Jagger doing a duet of the Little Drummer Boy. Anne Murray is Canadian but her Snowbird is a classic. The Temptations, I think, did a version of Rudolph as the California Raisons. Elvis did Blue Christmas and, again, not American but John Lennon's "So this is Christmas" is great.

Finally, just about every country singer from Kenny Rogers, Toby Keith to Dolly Parton have done Christmas albums.

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