Black Children Singing

Young Urban Black Male Ministries ---- Philippians 3:10 --- Spring ...

Boy singing with the anointing

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Honesty Is The Best Policy! Mel B: 'My Kids Can't Sing!' (Entertainment Wise)

If She's This Straight To The Point With Her Children, We Can't Wait To See Her On The X Factor!

The Soul of the South – Smithsonian

The Soul of the SouthSmithsonianAfter the preliminaries—music, singing—when the church was full, the familiar dark-suited figure of Virgin Johnson Jr. Rose from his high-backed, thronelike chair. He began to preach, a well-thumbed Bible in his right … They were black, and they …

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Weird kid dancing to black and yellow

Kid dancing to black and yellow by Wiz Khalifa.

This Week

Aqua Zumba classes are a low-impact cardio exercise and workout in the Black Mountain Pool on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 – 10 a.m. Beginning on Monday, June 23, for two months. The fee is $33 monthly or $40 for 10 classes. Visit to register online.…