Best Singing Lessons on YouTube

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Voices/Singing Lessons?????

Ok, so i have these play try-outs coming up, and i want to get the lead part. My parents and i have been trying to get me into voice lessons for over 4 months now and we cannot find anywhere! I just want to improve my voice. Are there any really good websites that give you really good exersices or really good tips for singing and improving your voice? Thank you sooooo much in advanced! :D.

Posted by jen1318
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There are plenty of good websites on the internet, you just have to pay ofcourse..

You can try:

And there are plenty more…


Any good youtube singing lessons?

I want to learn a little bit to sing better just for fun
Do you guys know any good youtuber who gives lessons?^^

Posted by Betty
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Singing lessons with the help of youtube tutorials aren't good at all. Most of these people who claim that they are teachers or trained singers usually aren't. The only safe way to improve is offline singing lessons, the teacher has to be in the same room with you so he/she will be able to spot your mistakes and help you with correcting them. If you can't afford singing lessons, try joining a choir.

Singing lessons question!?

How long would it take if i was to start singing lessons for me to become this good? And how many lessons a week would i have to take up? Im 14 years old and have no singing exoperience but i play the piano so im not exactly tone deaf and i know when somethings out of tune…………


Posted by x_the_drama_queen_x
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Firstly, if you don't have any natural singing ability, you can't be taught to sing. Voice lessons only help you capitalize on what you have. It helps you to sound the best that you are naturally capable of.

Secondly, you can't sound like that girl, unless you naturally do. Attempting to sound like someone else is a recipe for failure. Your voice is yours, unique to you, as their voices are to them. Your best voice will be your natural voice. But if this is something you really would like to do, then by all means, go for it! Just don't do it with unreasonable expectations.

Thirdly, you're young, so it's a perfect time to being vocal training. Your voice will change as you age, until it eventually settles into full maturity in your early 30s.

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