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Favorite country artists ?!?

Whos some of you guys' favorite country artists?

One of mine is defffinitely Miranda Lambert. I love her personality and i love that she writes her own music.
Another favorite is brooks n dunn. Classic duo.

But one of my favorite country songs… Scratch that – SONGS is shes country 🙂 i nevvver get sick of that
aweeesome answer gabe ha i wish i could pick best answer right now! Lol i love couuuntry.

Posted by colleen
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Gabe, you got a little carried away there buddy 🙂 My favorites are Josh Turner, Alison Krauss, and Kenny Chesney. I like to challenge my voice by singing Josh Turner. I love relaxing to Alison Krauss. And Kenny Chesney has so many awesome songs. Have you heard his latest with Dave Matthews "I'm Alive?" So simple, yet entriguing. I don't even know how to spell that word, I don't even know what it means. I just wanted to use for the first time in my life.

Favorite music artists?

Whts ur favorite music artist??? Im lookin for new music to put on my ipod so just tell me wht u like to listen to!

Posted by Nicole
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Well it depends on what kind of music your into…

Hard rock/metal:
bullet for my vallentine
avenged sevenfold
lamb of god….

senses fail
the confession
all that remains
killswitch engage
drop dead gorgeous
the devil wears prada
a skylit drive
a cinematic sunrise
sky eats airplane
dance gavin dance
hawthorne heights…

all time low
mayday parade
the maine
the cab
hit the lights
sing it loud
boys like girls
the academy is
forever the sickest kids
cobra starship
the hush sound
hey monday
the burden brothers….

streetlight manifesto
reel big fish
catch 22
me first & the gimme gimmes
less than jake
operation ivy
awful waffle
skankin pickle
Hope this helps.

Your favourite song/artist?

What is your favourite song or (music) artist? ^_^

**Also, in an unrelated question in case someone knows the answer, where can I find modern music in other languages? I'm learning Italian and the only music I can find is like opera and stuff, but I prefer rock and alternative music. Please help? French, Spanish and German would be helpful too.**

Posted by SpiffyRoar.
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Any Song by Bruce Springsteen (Especially Born To Run and Hungry Heart ) I'm a real Music Freak (I Love Music) Doesn't Matter who it is
I Even own a Guitar (Heirloom From Grandmother )

I would Search the Internet and find artists who sing in Italian
Edith Piaf, Pavarotti I think are two artists who sing in Italian.

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