Basic Singing Tips

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I love to sing and i wanna get even better than i am now… some body who realy knows how to sing gimme like tips on how to move my mouth for certain vowels ect. Help please.

Posted by rick
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Sure here are some tips….

1) Never hold your breath while singing. The airflow is what creates and carries your vocal tone, so keep it flowing. Avoid Clavicular Breathing and Belly Breathing — instead, learn the proper way to breathe for singing, called diaphragmatic breathing. Fill the lower portion of your lungs as if you had an inner tube around your waist that you were evenly filling.

2) Don't sing too high or too low. Don't sing to the point of vocal fatigue. Never strain or push your voice. Doing so will not result in a higher or lower singing range, or a stronger voice, only a voice that has suffered undue stress

3)Drink room temperature water as often as you can to keep your voice organ hydrated. If you only have cold or hot water available, swish it around in your mouth for a moment. This action will keep your voice organ from being startled or stressed by different temperatures.

4) Knowing how to breathe in singing is a basic technique. A diaphragmatic approach is important here. Use your back muscles for support. Fill up air into your rib cage and back but not into your throat. This creates a baseline support level called holding up. Then take smaller breaths for phrases as
you need them.

Hope I could help you. Good luck.

Lindsay 🙂

Singing Tips!?! Please help?

I need some really good tips or guidelines in how to make my singing sound the way I want it to sound. I'm in a band with my friends and I'm the lead singer. I always thought my singing was ok but now I'm not really sure. My friends say I sound good but I sometimes don't feel that way. Lately we have been working on a cover song "My Happy Ending" By: Avril Lavigne and it feels like I'm trying too hard to reach a note just right when I'm singing it, it's mostly the chorus part I'm having a struggle in. I just want some basic helping tips or exercises that I can do on my own to improve my singing so I won't screw up the band. Thanks =]

Posted by Maria P
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Hey! I am glad that you are interested in singing, and I have some advice, and tips for you. First of all, Here is a method that will help increase your range, your ability to sing with style and variation, and help to sing clearly and strongly. Speech Level Singing. It works very well, and I recomend it highly. Speech level singing helps cure vocal cord paralysis, and nodgules. It also helps people without these conditions to prevent them.

SLS helps people learn how to sing, and become the best that they can! A lot of famous and non famous people use this technique because with it your voice will not come out, or be damaged. It also helps you sing high and low notes with a connected voice, so it sounds pleasant to the ears. Find a Speech Level Singing teacher near you, so that you can start now! For more information, go to sources!
Singing in a way is a little differant because you have to keep the tone you were born with. On our vocal cords, we have a thin or thick layer of skin like material. It is close to our skin and it protects the vocal cords. Depending on the quality and quanitity, of that skin, makes us sound like us. That is why everybody sounds differant. Basically you can not change the you sound. Some people get lucky and get a really good natural sound..that is just the way it is!

If youre voice is just out, and you need it for a recital, or audition, you can fix it. Always remember to drink water a lot! It keeps your vocal cords moist. Also, stay away from drugs, ciggerettes, alcohol, and cofee. They are not so good for your vocal cords. Remain from screaming, or damaging your vocal cords. If you need to warm up your voice, than drink 1 cup of warm water with 1 tsp lemon juice, and 1 tbsp of honey. It gets gross tasting to some people, but it helps your vocal cords warm up. Also, fruits, vegtables, and natural food really help your vocal cords. Stay away from junk food, and make sure to get regular exersize. Suprisingly these factors effect your vocal cords too! Any way, Good Luck! 🙂

Oh yeah, by the way…if you don't have time for a singing teacher, or you can't afford one, etc. Then you can do SLS warm ups on Someone put them on there, so just type in speech level singing and then go to the playlist, and start at the begining. The advantage is you can do them at home, but the disadvantage is that you may not be doing them right, and may be wasting time because you don't understand it. I highly recomend a singing teacher though! Just go to my source and find a teacher near you! 🙂

Some other things that help you sing are tecqniques. If you are interested in pop singing, then you might be interested in runs, melisma's, and also licks,etc. These are when the notes connect and move really fast, but it sounds good. Examples are Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, and Christina Aguilera.

In all singing be sure to use your diaphram, and always remember that. The diaphram breathing and singing is really important. If your chest moves while you breathe, then it is wrong. You have to breath more by your stomach.

Work on making your vowels nice and round. They can determine wether or not your are in tune. Making an EEE sound makes you sharp, and doing Oooo can make you sound more in tune, or flat, depending on your natural pitch.
Singing can be different for every person. It depends how good you are at reading music, and singing it with natural tone. It also matters how directible you are, and how good of a teacher you have. It matters if you practice alot, how motivated you are, and how much passion you have for it. One of the most important things is pitch, which takes a long time to get down unless you have it naturally. IF you have really good ears for music and you can hear if something is flat, or sharp, or perfectly in tune, then you have good ears. Also if you can determine exactly how sharp of flat ex: how many cents off from pitch you are, then you will suceed through singing and most likely all music. It is also highly recommended that you play musical instruments if you want to sing. You will gain musical ears, and be a lot better than before.

Most important thing, sing from the soul. There is not point in singing a song if you do not feel it, and you can't agree with it or connect with it. So, just try your best to do that! 🙂

Sorry this is soooo long and complicated! Hope it helped you! 🙂

How can I work on my singing voice so that it sounds better?

Just recently, I've become interested in singing. Other than in the shower, I've never performed with my voice. Still, I am finding more and more that I simply LOVE it.
I figured out how to play a song on the guitar and sing with it, so I worked on it a bit and then performed for my sister. When I asked her what she thought of it, she said the guitar playing was great but she thought that my singing wasn't really that good. I think I have an okay voice, but I think I'm not very in control of it.
I'm looking for tips to improve my voice, and some basic ways I can train myself to sing better without getting singing lessons, as my schedule is pretty hectic already.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
I'm thirteen.
Some people say I have a good voice, while some people say it's okay, but it's getting better.
My daily singing routine is just singing along to all the music I listen to…so yeah.

Posted by :),,,<3
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Here are some singing tips that have always helped me:

-Breathe from your diaphragm. To find out if you're doing this, put your hand on your belly button. Breathe in slowly. If your stomach pushes your hand out, you're breathing from your diaphragm already. If your stomach doesn't move or goes in, you aren't breathing correctly. To breathe correctly, keep your shoulders down and breathe in slowly, pushing your stomach out as you do. Although it may feel uncomfortable at first, after a while and a lot of practicing it will feel almost natural!

-Before you sing, always warm up so you won't damage your vocal cords by suddenly blasting out a note. Try singing "Ah" starting at the top of your range, and sliding down to the bottom of your range. When you get to the bottom of your range, you will hear that gravelly sound you usually hear when a note is too low for you. This sound is created because there isn't enough air between your vocal cords to create a regular sound. Slide back up from the bottom of your range to the top of your range, and repeat this exercise until you've eliminated the gravelly sound at the bottom of your range. This is a great singing and breathing exercise!

-Drink flavored water, as opposed to regular water. I know you've probably heard that regular water is the best thing for you about a million times, but this is one of the best tips I've ever gotten, and it's helped me immensely. Flavored water is so much better because if you haven't noticed, when you drink regular water it quenches your thirst, but in about a minute your throat is actually feeling even drier than before. This is because the water just washed the wet lining of your throat. Flavored water quenches your thirst and has sugar to coat your throat and keep your your throat in good condition. I know it may sound a little bit silly, but it really does work!

-You always want to tell a story with your song, especially in musical theater. The best way to do that is by first speaking the entire song as if it is a monologue, and using the emotions you think are fitting to the words. Then, sing the song with those emotions and expressions in mind. You'll notice a definite improvement.

-Another way to help you to tell a story is to picture the scene you're describing in your song. Try and relate the lyrics to things that have happened in your life, and think about how you felt and what you looked like (expression-wise) when that happened.

-If you are struggling to hit a high note that's almost out of your range, use this exercise to ease yourself into the note, which is healthier for your vocal cords and is much easier than just singing a high note straight out. Position your mouth as if you are about to eat an apple. When you go for that high note, open your mouth wider and longer, and move your mouth forward as if you're biting into an apple.

And if you want your voice to sound less nasally, try and use better diction. Make sure to pronounce all of your consonants, especially the t's, c's, and d's. These are the letters we tend to mispronounce. Also, practice breathing from your diaphragm even more often. Lie on your back and place a medium-sized book on your stomach. Breathe in from your diaphragm, and try to push the book up more and more each time you breathe in. Do this exercise for around 2-5 minutes once a day, and you will have better breathing habits and less of a breathy sound.

Good luck!

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