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Questions and Answers

Tips for starting a teenage acapella group?Where would you start?
What are some good songs to do? (Any genres.)
How many people do you think should be in it? (My school, has a lot of great singers and I’m one of them and wouldn’t it be cool to get all of the great singers in my school into a group/band?)
How many girls, How many guys? (Guys generally have lower voices girls usually have higher voices, unless you have all 8 octives in your voice like the singer MIKA, or just have a naturally high/low voice. I can sing low and high.)
Do you suggest having a beat boxer?
Any tips?

Posted by Howmanymoresaturdaynights?1132
[display_name id=”1″]Just get the word out, however you can. And hold auditions. If your school has a choir director, talk to him/her about helping you out.
There are a lot of really good jazz arrangements if you look around. It’s not too hard. Also consider writing/arranging your own material. It’s not that hard, and totally worth it. I’ve arranged Viva La Vida, Accidentally In Love, Son of Man, and others for my A Capella group. They really come off well every time.
16 seems to be the right number, I think. Separate by voice. 4 in each section. 4 basses, 4 tenors, 4 altos, 4 sopranos. Make sure all singers are solid with pitch and have large ranges, especially if you’re writing your own material. You want to be able to count on the abilities of your members.
A beat boxer will come in handy. It’s a useful tool, a good sound, and keeps the group together.
Best of luck! I’m sure it will go splendidly.
What Song should i sing for a College Acapella Audition? Also, any tips?I’m a mid-range Baritone/Tenor and i’m auditioning for one of the accapella groups on campus. I’m not sure what song i should sing. I’m supposed to prepare one verse and a chorus. I really want to make the group so any tips would be most appreciated.

Posted by Sam
[display_name id=”1″]Sing Human nature, No matter what you voice level. Its a good song. Ill bet you don’t like it. And I tried.
Should i bother trying out for acapella singing group at school (link)??
Heres the link to me singing a part of bohemian rhapsody which is what we have to try out for and i want criticism be completely honest no hard feelings rather be embarrassed on here then in school
i will be trying out for one of the two tenor partsSHOULD I TRY OUT (PUT COMMENTS/CRITICISM ON HERE OR YOUTUBE)thanks in advance


Posted by thatkid4567
[display_name id=”1″]You have potential, but a few tips for you.1. Don’t clear your voice in the middle of a song. It’s unprofessional.
2. Work on crescendo. It will get you noticed more. (In a good way of course!)
3. Don’t slur as much. Even if it’s in the actual song, your notes need to be more defined. I’m mainly referring to 0.34.
4. Before you try out, do voice exercises so you can hit the higher notes easily.Never not try out for something because you don’t think you’ll get it. That will get you no where in life. Good luck! Hope you get it. 🙂

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