Sings Like Ella Fitzgerald

Questions and Answers What style of jazz did Ella Fitzgerald sing? Or what period of jazz. Posted by Ella sang many different styles of music- swing,pop,latin,jazz,blues the periods she sang thru were swing,bop. Who is the nephew of the late great jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald and 2 songs he sings? Posted by Libra73' Ray Brown Jr. Was actually Ella nephew it was her sister son. Ella and Ray Brown adopted him and call him their son and name him after […]

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Learn How to Sing Opera

Questions and Answers Can you learn to sing opera, or are you just born with the ability? I cant sing for shit, so im wondering if i should invest in a teacher or not. Can u really learn how to sing? Posted by Sarah Yes, it's how all opera singers learn how to sing. It's "classical' training, actually, and as the others have said, it takes time, effort, and proper breathing; and a little help from a teacher is (to […]

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