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Free – Free image – 195871″ class=”p1-bigImage”/> Questions and Answers Is singing supposed to be hard? I'm having SO much difficulty figuring things out. ESPECIALLY BREATHIGN! Is breathing with your diaphragm supposed to be THAT hard. I've been struggling for a year and it's just so.. Ugh! How do you breathe? I can make my air go in 3 areas. Which one is the diapragmic breathing!? 1) right underneath my ribcage (above my belly button) 2) Around the belly button […]

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Singing Tips

Where I stood (cover): Missy Higgins Questions and Answers Can i have tips for singing? Video included? I don't care if you think i suck, i just need tips to get better. Http://… Posted by bibbit Singing tips no 1 Learn how to extend your vocal range. This is an important factor in developing a great singing voice. It will give your voice another dimension, and add an element of excitement to your singing. Extending vocal range is done by […]

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