How to Make Your Voice Sound Better

Questions and Answers Is there any way you can make a horrible voice sound good? I have a ugly voice but i love to sing is there any way u can make ur ugly voice pretty. Posted by Michellena Martinez Unfortunately, there is no method to change the overall sound of your voice. That is, if you have a raspy-sounding voice, your voice will always be raspy even if you take voice lessons. What you can do is to sing […]

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Free Voice Lessons

Lessons Online for Free! Good or Bad?” class=”p1-bigImage” /> Questions and Answers Where can I get free voice lessons and singing tips? Due to the current state of the economy, I can no longer afford to go to my current vocal coach. If anyone has any general singing tips, or knows of any websites where I might find free vocal training, please let me know. Ten points to the most helpful answer. Posted by Skye The following sites have free […]

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