All Ella Fitzgerald Songs

Questions and Answers Songs by ella fitzgerald? Please give me good JAZZ songs by ella fitzgerald please… I need it badly. Posted by secret… "Discography During Ella's 50-plus year career she recorded over 200 albums and around 2,000 songs. " — so take your pick- I epecially like her duets with Louie Armstrong Http://… In which years did Ella Fitzgerald's "Black Coffee" and Sinatra's "Coffee Song" debut? Posted by Wanton!Wonton Ella's version of "Black Coffee" was released in 1949 on […]

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Learn How to Sing Opera

Questions and Answers Can you learn to sing opera, or are you just born with the ability? I cant sing for shit, so im wondering if i should invest in a teacher or not. Can u really learn how to sing? Posted by Sarah Yes, it's how all opera singers learn how to sing. It's "classical' training, actually, and as the others have said, it takes time, effort, and proper breathing; and a little help from a teacher is (to […]

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