Basic Singing Tips

Questions and Answers Singing……? I love to sing and i wanna get even better than i am now… some body who realy knows how to sing gimme like tips on how to move my mouth for certain vowels ect. Help please. Posted by rick Sure here are some tips…. 1) Never hold your breath while singing. The airflow is what creates and carries your vocal tone, so keep it flowing. Avoid Clavicular Breathing and Belly Breathing — instead, learn the […]

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How to Sing Better

Singing Bird – Free image – 265809″ class=”p1-bigImage”/> Questions and Answers I need help to sing better…? Ok, here's everything you'd probably need to know (yeah, i know its long but please help! :D): I'm 12 years old and yes, a girl, and I like to sing but I'm definitely not the best singer. You're probably gonna say "get a vocal coach" or something, but I'm still thinking about that, so please help me in another way then telling me […]

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