Singing Tips for Girls

Questions and Answers How to improve my singing? Alright, so here's the story. We are in choir, and mind you; I haven't had choir for 3 years now (I'm a junior in High School). Also, I'm a guy. So we were auditioning for a solo, and 3 other guys and myself tried out. One was pretty young, and he blew it. The other is my age, and he switched parts in the middle, again, blew it. The third one sang […]

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Learn to Sing YouTube

Questions and Answers I want to learn to sing, and I don't think I'm a good singer at all right now.? Is it possible for me to learn to sing if I'm not good at it at all? And if so, how? Whenever I look at youtube and other online lessons, it always seems to be for people who were born with a good singing voice. Posted by GoingDownUnder You can learn to sing, and you can do so without […]

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