Canadian Boy Sings Like Elvis

Amazing 11-Year-Old Boy Singing Michael Jackson "I Wanna … Questions and Answers Old song question…? I can't remember the name of the song about a big guy that was laying train tracks and was about to be replaced by a machine but he beat the machine in a contest. He died at the end though I think. Something about big John? I know it's not the Jimmy Dean song about Big Bad John though… Definitely about a guy laying train […]

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Acapella Tips

A capella 3000 miles cover emblem3 Questions and Answers Tips for starting a teenage acapella group?Where would you start? What are some good songs to do? (Any genres.) How many people do you think should be in it? (My school, has a lot of great singers and I’m one of them and wouldn’t it be cool to get all of the great singers in my school into a group/band?) How many girls, How many guys? (Guys generally have lower voices […]

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