Ella Fitzgerald Music Video

Questions and Answers There is this music video? I want to watch it but i cant remember the singers full name i know the first name its Jessica thats all i know of the singer i know its not simpson i do know the video its a car race and there are women mechanics stripping, distracting the drivers, i will be greatful if anyone could let me know who it is thanks. Posted by Orion Ella fitzgerald- cry me a […]

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How to Sing Programs

Questions and Answers Singing program? Okay so is there a program for my computer that will let me hear my voice as I am singing? Posted by EmptynessOfTears I do not know of a computer product, but I found a set of "hearphones" that you wear while singing and it does a very good job of letting you hear what you actually sound like. You can find these at: Http://harmonymarketplace.stores.yahoo.n… Singing success program? My goal is to create that "mix" […]

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