Basic Singing Tips

Questions and Answers Singing……? I love to sing and i wanna get even better than i am now… some body who realy knows how to sing gimme like tips on how to move my mouth for certain vowels ect. Help please. Posted by rick Sure here are some tips…. 1) Never hold your breath while singing. The airflow is what creates and carries your vocal tone, so keep it flowing. Avoid Clavicular Breathing and Belly Breathing — instead, learn the […]

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Tips on How to Sing Better

Questions and Answers Can i get some tips on how to sing good? Just want to learn how to sing good… Posted by BOB46 Sing well There are so many factors to singing. First and for most remember that your body is the instrument. You need to put it together to work properly. Standing straight, with relaxed but straight knees, and chest high. Imagine a string about two inches below your collar bone attached to the ceiling and another attached […]

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