Free Voice Lessons

Lessons Online for Free! Good or Bad?” class=”p1-bigImage” /> Questions and Answers Where can I get free voice lessons and singing tips? Due to the current state of the economy, I can no longer afford to go to my current vocal coach. If anyone has any general singing tips, or knows of any websites where I might find free vocal training, please let me know. Ten points to the most helpful answer. Posted by Skye The following sites have free […]

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Singing Tips for Girls

Questions and Answers How to improve my singing? Alright, so here's the story. We are in choir, and mind you; I haven't had choir for 3 years now (I'm a junior in High School). Also, I'm a guy. So we were auditioning for a solo, and 3 other guys and myself tried out. One was pretty young, and he blew it. The other is my age, and he switched parts in the middle, again, blew it. The third one sang […]

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