Canadian Boy Sings Like Elvis

Amazing 11-Year-Old Boy Singing Michael Jackson "I Wanna … Questions and Answers Old song question…? I can't remember the name of the song about a big guy that was laying train tracks and was about to be replaced by a machine but he beat the machine in a contest. He died at the end though I think. Something about big John? I know it's not the Jimmy Dean song about Big Bad John though… Definitely about a guy laying train […]

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Singing Better Free Tips

Free – Free image – 195871″ class=”p1-bigImage”/> Questions and Answers Is singing supposed to be hard? I'm having SO much difficulty figuring things out. ESPECIALLY BREATHIGN! Is breathing with your diaphragm supposed to be THAT hard. I've been struggling for a year and it's just so.. Ugh! How do you breathe? I can make my air go in 3 areas. Which one is the diapragmic breathing!? 1) right underneath my ribcage (above my belly button) 2) Around the belly button […]

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