Sing Like A Bird

Bird – Free image – 227568″ class=”p1-bigImage”/> Questions and Answers Why do birds sing? I was walking outside today, and I saw a bird singing right on top of a brush without showing fear of me – even though I was a few feet away from the brush. It sounded beautiful and was in a perfect position for a hawk to ambush it. I was wondering…why do they sing!!! Posted by Jerry H Male birds sing to let other males […]

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Singing Tips for Teenagers

Questions and Answers Sleepover? Teenagers!!? Any ideas for a teenage sleepover? Please i need ideas!! Lists, suggestions, tips! Anythingg! Thankkks:)) Posted by EMzziess Movies Dancing Singing Fashion show Truth or dare Magazines Prank calls Ding dong ditch Flash light tag Facials Nails painted Practicing makeup on each other Baking Cooking Pictures Skype Trampoline Trying to catch food in mouth. Teenager singing lessons? Heey. Im 14 and I have an okay singing voice, it's pretty good, but it could be better. […]

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