Tips Singing Solo

Acoustic Guitar : Tips on Playing Guitar & Singing Questions and Answers I have to sing solo in front of a lot of people. Tips? I'm so scared. I've been practicing for years now, but i've never sang in front of a group of people before. Do you have any tips to prepare, and calm yourself down beforehand? Posted by kimmy can't shuffle Make sure to not drink any milk before you sing. Also make sure to warm up before […]

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How to Sing Like Beyonce

Questions and Answers Singing christina or beyonce? Who do you think has the better voice? Better range? And better skill level? Beyonce or Christina aguilera?Please don't choose the one you like the best but the one that you honestly think is the best. Posted by godsnoriel Actually, now that you mention it, they ARE very similar in singing. Christina's songs contain more inflections (ups and downs), which makes her sound like she's got a great range, which she does. But […]

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