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To find out more about How to Sing YouTube and the best ways to learn about How to Sing YouTube then read on here. Whether you are training your voice to join the rates of expert singers or desire to develop your novice expertise. Using How to Sing YouTube there are numerous aspects of singing to consider.

When you've decided to embark on the road to create your voice for singing, How to Sing YouTube there's a particular degree of regard relating to your craft to adhere to, help with How to Sing YouTube. While you enter the fantastic world of learning how to sing, there are various concepts to embrace and elements to think about when you're prepared to take your possible Aprender a Cantar to another phase.

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Questions and Answers

Singing on Youtube?

I was just wondering if my voice is atleast "ok" when i sing. My youtube is

I have 4 videos of me singing, they are Risque, So Sick, Curse of Curves and You Are The Music In Me.

Please tell me what I could improve on. I've been trying to make my voice better but I don't think it's been working.

Anyway, if you like, please comment and subscribe or add some of my videos to your favorites. All I want to know is how bad or good i sound. My brother thinks i'm horrible but some people say i'm good so i'm confused. :S
I would also like to know which song i sound the best in.

Posted by retrokitty94
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You aren't really in tune in any of those songs. I am not saying that you shouldn't sing though – I believe that with proper training and the right attitude, anyone can learn to sing nicely… However you definately do need training. If you were serious about singing (or even if you just wanted to do it for fun) I would definately suggest you get yourself a teacher. You are very young (or at least your voice would suggest that) so there is a long way for you to go if you want to pursue singing…remember that a female voice does not even mature until she is in her mid 20s and a male is only a few years in front at about 20 years old… So you have plenty of time to learn good technique and good musical ability!

Is it good to sing on YouTube?

I want to show the world i can sing.
I want to sing some of the Jason Mraz's songs because people are singing the same song.
Is it good to do that?
And if i do post it up,how can i get people to go watch my videos?

Posted by Bridget
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If you want to sing on youtube, sing on youtube. Just keep in mind that some people are just really mean and would love to write mean comments even if what they are saying isn't true. If you are sensitive and have an ounce of insecurity, I wouldn't recommend it. But, if you are confident about your singing, and you don't care what mean haters have to say, then go for it! You can get people to watch it from here. 🙂

Answer Mine?:

What should I sing on Youtube?

I absolutely LOVE to sing. My friends all say I'm fabulous at it. But I really want to get Youtube's opinion. So I want suggestions and recommendations.
From people having experience with singing: What's a good, fairly easy song to give youtube a taste of my singing? I like disney, modern, broadway, or anything else you can think of.
From regular people: What would you like to hear me sing? Give me some ideas!
From people who have a youtube account: Go to iWantOreos (that's my channel) and comment on the main page, giving me some recommendations.

I'll try to do all of them that I can! I'll pick a best answer. 🙂

Posted by gottahavemyjuicy
defaultImage How to Sing YouTube

Sing Outside Looking In by. Jordan Pruit
its great song and is easy to sing !
I sing with the instrumental version on youtube ! :D.

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Hope you enjoyed reading about How to Sing YouTube. If you want to find out more about How to Sing YouTube then check out How to Sing YouTube By following healthy tone of voice care, preparation and instruction, very quickly, you ought to be singing for your heart's content material, whether before peers, on a phase or still within the mirror.

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