How to Control Your Voice While Singing

To find out more about How to Control Your Voice While Singing and the best ways to learn about How to Control Your Voice While Singing then read on here. Whether you are training your voice to join the ranks of expert performers or desire to develop your novice talent. Using How to Control Your Voice While Singing there are numerous facets of performing to take into consideration.

When you've chose to start on the road to create your voice for singing, How to Control Your Voice While Singing there's a certain level of respect regarding your build to stick to, help with How to Control Your Voice While Singing. As you enter the fantastic world of finding out how to sing, there are various ideas to embrace and aspects to think about when you're ready to take your potential Aprender a Cantar to the next phase.

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How to overcome voice cracks while singing?

I love singing old like 40's-70's songs but I think my 13 year old puberty going through self is wrecking that are there ways I can control that so I can sing like I used to voice cracks and empty words are pissing me off haha.

Posted by Christian
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Many people will say that you should accept your voice and just be content with what you have. I myself had to go through puberty just recently and now im able to sing higher all because i worked hard.

There are a few exercises that i did that helped. Heres two of them

When you wake up in the morning, drink 3 glasses ( slowly ) and try to let the water move around in thw throat. Dont force the wayer down your throat, just swallow nice and easy. After that do a mum exercise

sing a very comfortable song on a mum. Try to be very dopey with it. Mum mum mum

what the mums do to your voice is it relaxes your voice and it really tries to keep your adams apple neutral.

After that say nay nay nay

just sing thw whole song on a nay too. It helps it really does

these two exercises are from the Singing Success program. Singingsuccess is a very famous and very well known vocal product.

You may not believe in the SS program but it really does wonders to your voice. I myself am apart of there brand new Singing Success tv subscription. What it does is it lets you watch brett manning (the creator of Ss) teach his students for a whole 45 minutes sometimes shorter or longer. But the point is, you get to watch him teach his students and you also get the chance to see first hand his students get past there break. Its amazing. Ive seen most of the videos so far and ive seen so many guys get past there vocal break. Its literally amazing. You should really check it out.

Though i suggest you first buy his main program. Since it is very systematic and really great for beginners struggling with there break.

You could learn more about it at

i hope i helped in some way!

How can i help my voice gain alot of breathing while singing?

Posted by Nadeem
defaultImage How to Control Your Voice While Singing

You’re asking the right question.

Breath control is the single most important skill for almost any form of singing. Pitch and vocal range problems can be addressed by breath control. All vocal power is derived from the use of your breath and your muscle control from the diaphragm. Even sustained performance ability (singing difficult tunes, performing long sets) can be enhanced by increased breath control and lung capacity. Conversely, poor breathing technique can cause contribute to vocal chord damage and hinder even a pitch-perfect singer from performing to the fullest potential.

Breath is a function of a healthy cardiovascular system, so any form of exercise in which you raise your heartbeat for increasing durations of time (running/jogging , bicycling/stationary bike, tennis/racquetball, boxing speedbag, aerobics, martial arts, etc.) will elevate your blood oxygen content and strengthen your ability to expand your lungs within your own ribcage. Being in peak physical condition is a major plus for a trained singer.

There are some simple vocal exercises you can do to help you identify problem breathing.

Try this:
Bending at the waist, hang your torso down as if reaching to touch your toes. In this position, take in a few long, deep breaths (in through the nose, out through the mouth) and pay close attention to how it feels as you fill your lungs with air. (Just a few breaths, don’t pass out!) You can’t really sing properly in this position, but the way your lungs are filling with air as you are hanging over is absolutely ideal for singing. One goal for proper breath control is to visualize breath filling your lungs the way water fills a glass – from the bottom up to the top. (As opposed to just taking short, quick breaths into your upper respiratory system.)

Oddly enough, it’s impossible to breath improperly when you are hanging over upside down (as far as singing is concerned). Memorize how your musculature responds to the upside-down breathing method and see if you can duplicate it when standing upright. This is the optimum way to use your breathing apparatus for singing. Practice this form of breath control using long, slow breaths.

An excellent book to help you grasp the basic concepts of using your vocal instrument is the time-tested, Freeing the Natural Voice written by Kristin Linklater. (Used paperback copies for as little as a few dollars are available at the link below.)

Learning to breathe properly for singing is a lifelong skill, there are no shortcuts. Keeping sharp requires diligence, discipline and devotion, like any art form. But singing, even it’s just for your own pleasure, is something you can do until the day you die, so it’s well worth the sacrifices of time and effort you put into it.

I wish you well in your training!

Voice cracking while singing (and even talking) quietly, how can I work on this?

Quick (and slightly odd) question…I am a pretty good singer, but only if I'm actually performing open mic/karaoke-type stuff, when I can sing at full volume…I cannot sing quietly to save my life! This bothers me, because for some people I know, it's very much the opposite…they can practically whisper a song beautifully, but if they have to increase their volume, their voice cracks, or they're out of key, or whatever.
My voice sort of breaks when I'm talking in a low or quiet volume, as well. I don't feel as though I'm stressing my voice in the least bit, but I find it bothersome. Any advice on how I might work on my voice a bit?

Posted by Jones
defaultImage How to Control Your Voice While Singing

Voice control is what you need! This comes from lots of practice while singing properly. First, are you breathing correctly? Practice the vowels A E I O U up AND down the scales on a piano. Also, practice jumping octaves and falling back down to the starting note. If you do this and are breathing from your diaphram (not just the lungs) you will develop range, depth, and control, especially when switching between high and low notes. Actually, you will find the low notes more difficult and softer. Keep working, once you develop the proper muscles, you will find yourself able to "soften" at will. Keep in mind, the voice is like a horn, the control is in the amount of air passing through a space. You must control that air movement and the space it moves through to "shape" the notes and the sound you get. Good luck.

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