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Questions and Answers

What happened to music?

There was a time when there were real singers.
Like Cole Porter, Doris Day, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Nat King Cole, Bobby Darin, and the list goes on.
Why can't singers take lessons from these artists. Then there was Motown, the Classic Rock singers like Chicago, Eagles, and Bread. Men who put feeling in their songs.
They used their own voices. They used real instruments and bands.They had raw and intense talent.
But look at the music industry today. 75% of it is junk. People who use machines to block out their bad singing voices. People who don't even use a real music instrument just noises from a keyboard.
What happened to the art of singing and playing music?It's good music and sincere lyrics that makes a good song. And people of the past knew this.
Back then it was about people who loved to sing, and record companies that only chose people who could sing that put them behind a microphone. Why can't singers put love in their art of song?
I may have forgotten some singers of the past feel free to mention it.
And please feel free to give me your opinion to what you think of music in the past and where it is going right now?
Thank You For Participating!!!

Posted by Ky'rae
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I agree with all of what you said.

But i look at it like this: At least these types of music/artists existed. It could have been that it was all 100% junk and vocoder voices etc. Also, it's nice to reminess about what it was like, and it's a good topic to talk to other people about who also agree with you. Hopefully one day people will realize the beauty of how older music was done and hopefully change their tune.

I'm trying to find an Ella Fitzgerald's "Too Young for the Blues" instrumental / karaoke (no vocals or lyrics)?

Please provide an MP3 or WAV link, preferably for a free download.

Posted by Roy K
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As you can see if you try the links below, there are no instrumental or karaoke versions of "Too Young for the Blues" available, at least on the internet, whether Ella Fitzgerald's version or any other. Likewise, there is no sheet music available online for "Too Young for the Blues," either of Ella Fitzgerald's rendition, or of any other ilk. I am sorry that I can't help you more.

I can't find the sheet music for fever by ella fitzgerald ?

Im trying to help out a friend preform fever by ella fitzgerald for school but I can't find the sheet music to save my life. Does anyone know where this sheet music could be found? Help please!

Im njot really good on money right now so if anyone could find it for free that would be great!

Posted by Brian F
defaultImage Free Ella Fitzgerald Music

There is a web site for sheet music
If that doesn't help there is a music shop which is very good at finding sheet music:-
Hope one of those helps.

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